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by Simon Bornhoft
Paperback: 96 pages
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811731286; (July 2001)

Advanced Wind Surfing (Adventure Sports)
Farrel O'Shea, John Conway
Paperback (December 1989)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811723038

Dancing With the Wind: A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing
by Laurie Nadel
Paperback: 324 pages
Paraview Press; ISBN: 1931044317; (October 2001)

The Ultimate Guide to Windsurfing
by Nik Baker, Daida Ruano Moreno
(Paperback - May 2001)

Windsurfing (Outdoor Pursuits)
Ken Winner 
Paperback / Published 1995 
Ken Winner, former world-champion windsurfer, shares the knowledge he has gained in two decades of windsurfing competition.

Wind Surfing (Radical Sports)
Amanda Barker 
Library Binding / Published 1999

Amanda. Wray 
School & Library Binding / Published 1991

Windsurfing : Step by Step to Success
Rob Reichenfeld
Paperback / Published 1993

Windsurfing : The Skills of the Game
Ben Oakley
Paperback / Published 1994

The American Sailing Association's Let's Go Windsurfing
by Algis Steponaitis, Ron Carboni (Illustrator)

This Is Windsurfing
Reinhart Winkler / Paperback / Published 1982 
(Special Order)

Understandng Aerodynamic Characteristics of Windsurfing
Paul Ng / Paperback / Published 1992 
(Special Order)

Windsurfing : Technique, Tactics, Training (Crowood Sports Guides)
Penny Way / Paperback / Published 1992
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Be a Winner in Windsurfing
Charles Ira Coombs
Out of Print - Try Used Books

J Cook, et al / Paperback / Published 1990
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Maui Boardbuilding & Repair
Bill Walters / Paperback / Published 1992 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Successful Windsurfing
Hardcover / Published 1990 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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