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  • The Buy-to-let Bible
    by Ajay Ahuja
    Paperback from Law Pack Publishing
    Book Published: 01 September, 2003
    Residential Letting Kit

    Ring-bound from Law Pack Publishing
    Book Published: 16 August, 2002

    The "Which?" Guide to Renting and Letting ("Which?" Consumer Guides)
    by Peter Wilde, Paul Butt
    Paperback from Which? Books
    Book Published: 31 July, 2003
    Forensics for Dummies (R)
    by LYLE
    Paperback from John Wiley & Sons Inc
    Book Published: 14 May, 2004
    My Brief Career: The Trials of a Young Lawyer
    by Harry Mount
    Paperback from Short Books, London
    Book Published: 01 April, 2004
    Nutshells: Tort (Nutshells S.)
    by Ralph Tiernan
    Paperback from Sweet & Maxwell
    Book Published: 22 October, 2002
    Contract Law (Nutshell S.)
    by Robert Duxbury
    Paperback from Sweet & Maxwell
    Book Published: 30 January, 2003
    Law: A-level Study Guide (Revision Express S.)
    by Mary Charman, Jacqueline Martin, Chris Turner
    Paperback from Longman
    Book Published: June, 2003
    Just Law
    by Helena Kennedy
    Hardcover from Chatto and Windus
    Book Published: 04 March, 2004
    How to Get Planning Permission
    by Roy Speer, Michael Dade, Michael Cheal
    Paperback from Stonepound Books
    Book Published: 01 October, 1998
    To an Unknown God: Religious Freedom on Trial
    by Garrett Epps
    To an Unknown God: Religious Freedom on Trial is the story of one of the most important Supreme Court cases of recent years involving religious freedom--the case that resulted in the passage of one of the most sweeping civil rights laws since the 1960s, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. Author Garrett Epps writes with the simplicity and suspense of an investigative journalist (he was formerly a reporter for The Washington Post) and the precision and authority of a legal scholar (he teaches law at the University of Oregon). Both skills are necessary for bringing to life this strange and complicated tale, in which a routine unemployment dispute grew into a showdown regarding the right of Native Americans to worship God with the use of peyote. In addition to the book's deft analysis of the many legal questions the case raises, To an Unknown God describes a cast of memorable and intriguing characters, principal among them Al Smith, a 70-year-old drug-and-alcohol abuse counselor to Native Americans, and Dave Frohnmayer, a Harvard-educated politico who balanced his prosecution of this case with his commitment to caring for three children with a rare bone disease. Like A Civil Action and other classics of investigative journalism, To an Unknown God examines questions that arise in peculiar circumstances, and frames them with such skill and sensitivity as to make their universal relevance unquestionable. --Michael Joseph Gross -
    Hardcover: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 8.47 x 5.71
    St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312262396; (March 2001)

    Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and the American Justice System
    by Paul B. Wice
    Listed under Rubin Carter

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