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The ABCs of Boat Camping
Gordon Groene, Janet Groene / Paperback / Book Published 1994

Advanced Racing Tactics
Stuart H. Walker
Listed under Yachting Books

Advanced Sailing
Tony Gibbs
Listed under Yachting Books

Advanced Wind Surfing (Adventure Sports)
Farrel O'Shea, John Conway
Listed under Windsurfing

Against All Odds: Around Alone in the BOC Challenge
Alan Nebauer
Listed under Yachting Books

All in the Same Boat: Family Living Aboard and Cruising
Tom Neale
Listed under Cruising Guides

The Amateurs
David Halberstam
David Halberstam takes as his focus the 1984 single sculls trials in Princeton.
Listed under Rowing

Amazing Boats (Eyewitness Juniors, No 21) Vol. 21
Margaret Lincoln, et al / Paperback / Book Published 1992

America 3, the Women's Team: By Paul Larsen ; Photographs by Daniel Forster
Paul C. Larsen, Daniel Forster
Listed under Yachting Books

The American Fishing Schooners : 1825-1935
Howard I. Chapelle / Hardcover / Published 1995

The American Sailing Association's Let's Go Windsurfing
Algis Steponaitis, Ron Carboni (Illustrator)
Listed under Windsurfing

American Small Sailing Craft
Howard I. Chapelle
Listed under Yachting Books

Appalachian Whitewater: The Southern Mountains: The Premier Canoeing and Kayaking Streams of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Vol. 1
Bob Sehlinger, et al
Listed under Canoeing Books

Applied Naval Architecture
Robert B. Zubaly
Hardcover / Book Published 1996
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Archaeology of Boats & Ships: An Introduction
Basil Greenhill, J. S. Morrison
Hardcover / Book Published 1996

Around the Buoys: A Manual of Sailboat Racing Tactics and Strategies
Michael, Jr. Huck, et al / Paperback / Book Published 1994
Listed under Yachting Books

Around the World Rally
Jimmy Cornell
Listed under Yachting Books

The Ashley Book of Knots
by Clifford W. Ashley
Listed under Seamanship


The Barque of Saviors
by Russell Drumm
Listed under Coast Guard

Basic Sailing
M. B. George
Listed under Yachting Books

Before the Wind: True Stories About Sailing
David Gowdey (Editor)
Listed under Yachting Books

Bernot on Breezes
Jean-Yves Bernot
Listed under Yachting Books

Best Boats to Build and Buy
Ferenc Mate
Listed under Wooden Boats

The Big Book of Boat Canvas: A Complete Guide to Fabric Work on Boats
by Karen Lipe
Listed under Sails & Sailmaking

Blown Away
Herb Payson
Listed under Yachting Books

Boat (Eyewitness Books)
Eric Kentley / Library Binding / Book Published 1992
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Boat (Eyewitness Books)
Eric Kentley / Hardcover / Book Published 1992

The Boat (Mouse Books)
Monique Felix
Hardcover / Book Published 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Boat Data Book
Ian Nicolson / Hardcover / Book Published 1995

Boat Handling Under Power: A Motorboat and Yacht Owners' Guide
John Mellor / Paperback / Book Published 1993

Boat Naming Made Simple
Susan D. Artof / Paperback / Book Published 1993

The Boat Officer's Handbook
David D. Winters / Paperback / Book Published 1991

The Boat Repair Manual
George Buchanan
Listed under Wooden Boats

The Boater's Medical Companion (Cornell Boaters Library)
Robert S. Gould
Listed under Yachting Books

The Boating Bible: An Essential Handbook for Every Sailor
Jim Murrant
Listed under Yachting Books

Boatkeeper: The Boatowner's Guide to Maintenance, Repair, and Improvement
Bernard Gladstone (Editor), Tom Bottomley (Editor) / Hardcover / Book Published 1984

Boatman's Handbook: The New Look-It-Up Book
Tom Bottomley / Paperback / Book Published 1988

Boatowner's Guide to Marine Electronics
Gordon West, et al / Paperback / Book Published 1993

Boatowner's Legal and Financial Advisor
Larry V. Rogers / Paperback / Book Published 1994
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual: How to Maintain, Repair, and Improve Your Boat's Essential Systems
Nigel Calder / Hardcover / Book Published 1995

Boats: An Anthology
David Seybold (Editor) / Paperback / Book Published 1997

Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks
Hallie E. Bond / Hardcover / Book Published 1995

Boats and Ships (Traveling Machines)
Jason Cooper / Library Binding / Book Published 1991

Boats and Ships (Voyages of Discovery)
Hardcover / Book Published 1996

Boats Ships Submarines and Other Floating Machines (How Things Work)
Ian Graham / Paperback / Book Published 1993

Boats to Go: 24 Easy-To-Build Boats That Go Fast With Low Power
Thomas Firth Jones
Listed under Wooden Boats

Boats With an Open Mind: 75 Unconventional Designs and Concepts
Philip C. Bolger / Paperback / Book Published 1994

Boatwatch: On-The-Water Guide to Pleasure Boat Identification
Max W. Averitt (Illustrator) / Paperback / Book Published 1990

Born to Sail: On Other People's Boats
Jennifer P. Stuart
Listed under Yachting Books

Breaking into the Current: Boatwomen of the Grand Canyon
Louise Teal
Listed under Rafting

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