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The Last of the Cape Horners: Firsthand Accounts from the Final Days of the Commercial Tall Ships
by Spencer Apollonio
Paperback from Brassey's US
Book Published: May, 2002
The 100-Gun Ship Victory (Anatomy of the Ship Series)
by John McKay
Listed under Nelson

Tall Ships: an International Guide
by Thad Koza
Hardcover from Tide-Mark
Book Published: October, 1996
The 50-Gun Ship (Chatham Shipshape Series)
Rif Winfield
Hardcover, 128 pages
United States Naval Inst.April 1998
ISBN: 1861760256

The American-Built Clipper Ship, 1850-1856: Characteristics, Construction, and Details
by William L. Crothers
Paperback - 544 pages (February 25, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0071358234

American Sailing Ships : Their Plans and History
by Charles G. Davis
Paperback - 196 pages (October 1984)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486246582

American Clipper Ships, 1833-1858 :  Adelaide-Lotus
by Octavius T. Howe, Frederick C. Matthews
Paperback - 928 pages Vol 001 (August 1986)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486251152

Barrow's Boys: A Stirring Story of Daring, Fortitude, and Outright Lunacy
by Fergus Fleming
Barrow's Boys is historical-adventure literature at its best, recounting the breathtaking story of Britain's nineteenth-century program of expeditions to the Arctic, the heart of Africa, and Antarctica. Re-creating both brilliant success and harrowing failure, Fergus Fleming captures the courageous, and often insane, passion for exploration of an incredible group of adventurers. The Publisher
Paperback - 512 pages 1 Grove pr edition (April 9, 2001)
Grove Press; ISBN: 0802137946

Batavia's Graveyard : The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny
by Mike Dash 
Listed under Australian History

The Boats of Men-of-War: Revised Edition
by W. E. May, Simon Stephens, National Maritime Museum
Hardcover - 128 pages (January 14, 2000)
Naval Institute Press; ISBN: 1557501904

Black Jacks : African American Seamen in the Age of Sail
by W. Jeffrey Bolster
(Hardcover - May 1997)

The Bounty Trilogy
by Charles Nordhoff & James Hall
An historical novel, upon which was based the Mel Gibson movie.
Listed under The Bounty Mutiny

Captain Cook's World : Maps of the Life and Voyages of James Cook R.N.
by John Robson 
Listed under Captain James Cook

Cochrane: the Life and Exploits of a Fighting Captain
Robert Harvey
Listed under Lord Cochrane

The Construction and Fitting of the English Man of War : 1650-1850
by Peter Goodwin
Hardcover (August 1987)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 0870210165

The First Atlantic Liners : Seamanship in the Age of Paddle Wheel, Sail and Screw
by Peter Allington, Basil Greenhill
(Hardcover - September 1997)

Flying Cloud: The True Story of America's Most Famous Clipper Ship and the Woman Who Guided Her
by David W. Shaw
Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (June 20, 2000)
William Morrow & Co; ISBN: 0688167934

Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars
by Robert Gardiner
Listed under Nelson & Trafalgar

The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships
by Alexander Magoun, F. Alexander Magoun
Paperback - 154 pages (December 1987)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486255247

Hen Frigates : Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail
Joan Druett
Paperback / Published 1998
Like many of the voyages it depicts, Hen Frigates has doldrums as well as stretches that move along at a fast clip.... Hen Frigates ... [leaves] in its wake a valuable collective portrait of intrepid seafaring women--and an image of domestic challenge that would leave even Martha Stewart spinning. The New York Times Book Review, Holly Morris

The Heyday of Sail : The Merchant Sailing Ship 1650-1830
by Robert Gardiner (Editor), Philip Bosscher (Editor)
(Hardcover - September 2000)

Historic Sail: The Glory of the Sailing Ship from the 13th to the 19th Century
Historic Sail: The Glory of the Sailing Ship from the 13th to the 19th Century
by Stephen Howarth, Joseph Wheatley
Hardcover from Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal
Book Published: April, 2000
HMS Victory : Her Construction, Career, and Restoration
by Alan McGowan, John McKay (Illustrator)
Listed under Nelson

In the Heart of the Sea : The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
by Nathaniel Philbrick
The story of a ship sunk by an angry sperm whale which inspired Herman Melville's classic Moby-Dick.
Listed under Whaling

The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
by C. Northcote Parkinson
Listed under Hornblower

Last of the Cape Horners : Firsthand Accounts from the Final Days of the Commercial Tall Ships
by Spencer Apollonio (Editor)

Lords of the East : The East India Company and Its Ships (1600-1874)
by Jean Sutton 
(Hardcover - October 2000)

Lords of the Lake : The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814
by Robert Malcomson
Listed under The War of 1812

The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War, 1625-1860
by James Lees
Hardcover - 212 pages 2nd Rev edition (December 1984)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 0870219480

The Naval War of 1812
by Theodore Roosevelt
Listed under The War of 1812

The Naval Chronicle : The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, 1793-1798
by Nicholas Tracy 
Listed under Nelson

Old Ironsides : Americans Build a Fighting Ship
by David Weitzman
Hardcover - 32 pages (April 1997)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395746787

Old Ironsides
by Thomas C. Gillmer, William Gilkerson (Illustrator)
Paperback - 256 pages (April 1997)
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0070245649
Special Order

Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie
by Gerard T. Altoff
Listed under The War of 1812

Pride of Baltimore : The Story of the Baltimore Clippers
by Thomas C. Gillmer

The Prize Game : Lawful Looting on the High Seas in the Days of Fighting Sail
by Donald A. Petrie
Hardcover - 224 pages (August 1999)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557506698

The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720
by R. C. Anderson
Paperback - 278 pages reprint edition (April 1994)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 048627960X

Rough Medicine: Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail
Rough Medicine: Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail
by Joan Druett
Hardcover from Routledge
Book Published: November, 2000
The Safeguard of the Sea : A Naval History of Britain, 660-1649
by N. A. M. Rodger
Hardcover - 691 pages 1 Amer Ed edition (April 1998)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 039304579X

Sailors : English Merchant Seamen, 1650-1775
by Peter Earle 
(Hardcover - June 1998)

Sail's Last Century: The Merchant Sailing Ship, 1830-1930 (Conway's History of the Ship)
by Robert Gardiner (Editor)
(Hardcover - September 2001)

Sent Forth a Dove: Discovery of the "Duyfken"
by James Henderson
Paperback from University of Western Australia Press
Book Published: October, 1999
Seamanship in the Age of Sail: An Account of the Shiphandling of the Sailing Man-of-war, 1600-1860, Based on Contemporary Sources
by John Harland, Mark Myers
Hardcover from Conway Maritime
Book Published: 12 June, 1984
Century of Seafaring: A Maritime History of the Twentieth Century
by Alistair Couper, Philip Dawson, Ian Dear, et al
Hardcover from Conway Maritime
Book Published: April, 2000
After the Storm: True Stories of Disaster and Recovery at Sea
by John Rousmaniere
Paperback from McGraw-Hill Education
Book Published: October, 2003
The Age of Sail: The International Annual of the Historic Sailing Ship: v. 1
by Nicholas Tracy
Hardcover from Conway Maritime
Book Published: 20 February, 2003
A Signal Victory : The Lake Erie Campaign, 1812-1813
by David Curtis Skaggs
Listed under The War of 1812

Ships of the World : An Historical Encyclopedia
by Lincoln P. Paine, Hal Fessenden (Contributor), James H. Terry (Contributor)
Hardcover - 680 pages (November 1997)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Trd); ISBN: 0395715563

Sir Francis Drake : The Queen's Pirate
by Harry Kelsey
Listed under Spanish Armada

2005 Tall Ships Calendar
by Thad Koza
Listed under Nautical Calendars

Two Years Before the Mast : A Personal Narrative
by Richard Henry, Jr. Dana
Paperback - 448 pages (March 2000)
Signet; ISBN: 0451527593

The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor : Or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship
by Darcy Lever
Paperback - 256 pages Dover edition (July 1998)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486402207

Warships of the Napoleonic Era (Chatham Pictorial Histories Series)
by Robert Gardiner
Listed under Nelson & Trafalgar

The Wooden World : An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy
by N. A. M. Rodger
Paperback (July 1996)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393314693

A War Betwixt Englishmen : Brazil Against Argentina on the River Plate
by Brian Vale 
(Hardcover - January 2000)

The Floating Brothel : The Extraordinary True Story of an Eighteenth-Century Ship and Its Cargo of Female Convicts
by Sian Rees
Listed under Australian History

American Clipper Ships, 1833-1858 : Malay-Young Mechanic
by Octavius T. Howe, Frederick C. Matthews
Paperback Vol 002 (August 1986)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486251160
Special Order

Spain's Men of the Sea : Daily Life on the Indies Fleets in the  Sixteenth Century
by Pablo E. Perez-Mallaina, Carla Rahn Phillips (Translator), Pablo Emilio Perez-Mallaina Bueno
Paperback - 320 pages (May 1998)
Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801857465
Special Order

The Anglo-Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674
by D. R. Hainsworth, Christine Churches, Roger Hainsworth, Christine Church
Hardcover - 224 pages (October 1998)
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750917873
Special Order

The Line of Battle : The Sailing Warship 1650-1840
by Robert Gardiner (Editor), Brian Lavery (Editor)
(Hardcover - September 2000)
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