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The Air Force Integrates, 1945-1964 (Smithsonian History of Aviation)
by Alan L. Gropman 
(Hardcover - October 1998)

Air War Europa : America's Air War Against Germany in Europe and North Africa 1942-1945 : Chronology
Eric Hammel
Paperback / Published 1997

Air Force Officer's Guide
by Jeffrey C. Benton
Listed under Air Force Guides

Air War Korea 1950-1953
Robert Jackson
Listed under Korean Air War

America's Aces in a Day
William N. Hess
Paperback / Published 1996

America's Pursuit of Precision Bombing, 1910-1945
Stephen L. McFarland, Richard P. Hallion
Paperback / Published 1997

B-26 Units of the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces (Combat Series , No 2)
Jerry Scutts
Listed under Bombers

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Gregory Boyington
The Flying Tigers in China
Listed under The Flying Tigers

Beyond the Wild Blue : A History of the United States Air Force, 1947-1997
Walter J. Boyne
Hardcover / Published 1997

Black Aviator: The Story of William J. Powell (Smithsonian History of Aviation)
by William J. Powell, Von Hardesty (Introduction)
(Paperback - October 1994)

Blankets of Fire : U.S. Bombers over Japan During World War II
(Smithsonian History of Aviation Series)
Kenneth P. Werrell
Listed under Bombers

Blue Angels : 50 Years of Precision Flight
Nick Veronico, et al
Paperback / Published 1996

Born to Fly: The Untold Story of the Downed American Reconnaissance Plane
by Shane Osborn, Malcolm McConnell
The riveting and inspiring story of how Navy Lieutenant Shane Osborn's flying skills saved a Navy reconnaissance plane and its crew of 24 from almost certain death, and their subsequent ordeal of detention and interrogation.
Hardcover - 288 pages 1 Ed edition (November 13, 2001)
Broadway Books; ISBN: 0767911113

Born to Fly : The Heroic Story of Downed U.S. Navy Pilot Lt. Shane Osborn
by Shane Osborn, et al
(Hardcover - November 2001)

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
by Robert Coram
Book Description John Boyd was the greatest fighter pilot in American history. From the proving ground of the Korean War, he went on to win renown as the instructor who defeated-in less than forty seconds-every pilot who took him on. But what made Boyd a man for the ages was what happened after he left the cockpit. Boyd made a career of challenging the intractable Pentagon bureaucracy, making enemies and a few devoted disciples who would become known as "The Acolytes." Boyd transformed the way military aircraft-in particular the F-15 and F-16-were designed with his revolutionary "Energy-Maneuverability Theory," fighting the Air Force's entrenched ideas every step of the way. He then dedicated lonely years to a radical theory of conflict that at the time was mostly ignored, but now is acclaimed as the most influential thinking about conflict since Sun Tzu. 

A man of daring, ferocious passion, and remarkable stubbornness, John Boyd was that most American of heroes - a rebel who cared not for his reputation or fortune, but for his country. And in BOYD, Robert Coram finally tells his incredible story. Until now, John Boyd has been the great secret hero of the American military. No longer.
Hardcover from Little Brown & Company
Book Published: December, 2002

Carl A. Spaatz and the Air War in Europe (Smithsonian History of Aviation)
by Richard G. Davis, Richard P. Hallion 
(Hardcover - January 1994)

Carrier Warfare in the Pacific : An Oral History Collection
(Smithsonian History of Aviation)
E.T. Wooldridge (Editor), John B. Connally
Listed under Aircraft Carriers

Chippewa Chief in World War II : The Survival Story of Oliver Rasmussen in Japan
by Donald J. Norton, Charles E. Yeager
True story of Oliver Bullard Rasmussen, a U.S. Navy aircrewman who avoided capture after his plane crashed in Japan on July 14, 1945, leaving his pilot dead and him seriously wounded. He dodged the Japanese on Hokkaido for 68 days until he saw his first fellow American.
McFarland & Company
Paperback (August 2001)

Clashes : Air Combat over North Vietnam 1965-1972
Marshall L. III Michel
Listed under Air War Vietnam

Crommelin's Thunderbirds : Air Group 12 Strikes the Heart of Japan
Roy W. Bruce, et al
Hardcover / Published 1994

Dark Eagles: A History of Top Secret U.S. Aircraft Programs
by Curtis Peebles
Covers progress from the Bell P-59 through the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-117 Nighthawk.
Listed under Skunk Works

The Divided Skies : Establishing Segregated Flight Training at Tuskegee, Alabama, 1934-1942
Robert J. Jakeman
Paperback / Published 1996

Doomed at the Start : American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942
(Texas A&M University Military History Series, No 24)
by William H. Bartsch, Herbert Ellia
Paperback (July 1995)
Texas A&M University Press; ISBN: 0890966796

Edwards Air Force Base : Open House at the USAF Flight Test Center 1957-1966 : A Photo Chronicle of Aircraft Displayed
by Robert D. Archer
Aircraft range from the X-1B and X-5 to the XB-70, F-111 and SR-71, including nearly all of the fighters from the F-80 through the Century series, plus the Navy types.
(Schiffer Military History)
(Hardcover - February 1999)

The Elite of the Fleet : A Guide to the Embroidered Emblems Worn by Naval Aviators - 1927 to Present Vol 1
J. L. Pete Morgan
Listed under Uniforms

Fateful Rendezvous : The Life of Butch O'Hare
by Steve Ewing, John B. Lundstrom (Contributor)
O'Hare won the Medal of Honor in 1942 by single-handedly breaking up a Japanese bomber attack on the carrier Lexington.
Hardcover - 352 pages (March 1997)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557502471

Fighter Pilot's Heaven : Flight Testing the Early Jets
Donald S. Lopez, Frank Borman
Hardcover / Published 1995

Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal
Max Brand
Listed under Guadalcanal

Fighter Wing : A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing
Tom Clancy
Paperback / Published 1997

Fly Navy : Naval Aviators and Carrier Aviation, a History
by Phillip Kaplan
(Hardcover - September 2001)

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group (Smithsonian History of Aviation)
by Daniel Ford 
Listed under The Flying Tigers

Forgotten Fields of America : World War II Bases and Training Then and Now
Lou Thole
Paperback / Published 1996
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Golden Age Remembered : U.S. Naval Aviation, 1919-1941
E.T. Wooldridge (Editor)
Hardcover / Published 1998

Great American Air Battles of World War II
Martin W. Bowman
Hardcover / Published 1994

Happy Jack's Go Buggy : A Fighter Pilot's Story
(Schiffer Military History)
by Jack Ilfrey, Mark S. Copeland
First published in 1946, this is the story of Jack Ilfrey, his P-38 and his unit, the famed 94th Fighter Squadron.
Hardcover - 128 pages (September 1998)
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 0764306642

A Heritage of Wings : An Illustrated History of Navy Aviation
Richard C. Knott
Hardcover - 384 pages illustrate edition (November 1997)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 0870212702

In My Sights : The Memoir of a P-40 Ace
by James B. Morehead
Winner of two Distinguished Service Crosses served in three theaters of operation.
Hardcover - 288 pages (December 1997)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 089141634X

Into the Teeth of the Tiger (Smithsonian History of Aviation)
by Donald S. Lopez, Von Hardesty (Editor)
Listed under The Flying Tigers

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works
Jay Miller
Listed under Skunk Works

Military Flight Aptitude Tests (4th Ed)
by Solomon Weiner, Scott Ostrow
Arco Pub
Paperback October 1999
ISBN: 0028635442

Once They Were Eagles : The Men of the Black Sheep Squadron
by Frank E. Walton
Paperback Reprint edition (July 1996)
Univ Pr of Kentucky; ISBN: 0813108756

Pacific War Eagles : China/Pacific Aerial Conflict in Original Color
Jeffrey L. Ethell, et al
Hardcover / Published 1997

Picture History of World War II American Aircraft Production
Joshua Stoff
Paperback / Published 1993

Protect & Avenge : The 49th Fighter Group in World War II
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by S. W. Ferguson, William K. Pascalis
(Hardcover - January 1996)

Reaper Leader: The Life of Jimmy Flatley
by Steve Ewing
Book Description:: Although Jimmy Flatley had much to do with the U.S. victory over Japan, few outside the close-knit naval aviation community have heard his colorful story. A naval hero in every sense of the word according to former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral James L. Holloway III, Flatley was a formidable fighter pilot in combat, an inspiring leader, and a gifted operational planner. Flatley's combination of talents are fully examined in this biography and reveal why he was so vital to the war effort. Known to his squadron mates at Guadalcanal as "Reaper Leader," Flatley--with Jimmy Thach and Butch O'Hare--was instrumental in communicating tactical advice throughout naval aviation and changing the perception that the supposedly inferior F4F Wildcat fighter was actually superior to the Japanese Zero when properly utilized. His biographer, Steve Ewing, also explains how Flatley's combat experience established the credibility necessary for a middle grade officer to initiate sweeping changes in naval aviation both at the front and with the entrenched naval establishment.

The author credits Flatley's persistence and credibility for successes at Guadalcanal, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. In post-war years these same qualities helped him make naval aviation what it is today by again challenging the status quo and effecting sweeping and significant changes in naval aviation safety. This biography is the second in a planned naval aviation trilogy that when complete will include the three notable carrier fighter tacticians in the Pacific war--Thach, O'Hare, and Flatley. 
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.
Book Published: October, 2002

Red Tails Black Wings : The Men of America's Black Air Force
John B. Holway
Paperback - 345 pages (March 24, 2000)
Yucca Tree Pr; ISBN: 1881325431

The Rise of American Air Power : The Creation of Armageddon
Michael S. Sherry
Paperback / Published 1989

Segregated Skies : All-Black Combat Squadrons of WW II
(Smithsonian History of Aviation Series)
Stanley Sandler
Hardcover - 217 pages (July 1992)
Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 1560981547

Shades of Blue : US Naval Air Power Since 1941
by Martin W. Bowman
Books Description
To protect commercial, political, and social interests on every continent, the United States relies heavily on its fleet of massive aircraft carriers and the squadrons of spectacular aircraft aboard each. In fact, a single Nimitz-class nuclear-powered carrier packs a bigger punch than the combined air, sea, and land forces of most countries.
Motorbooks Intl
Hardcover September 1999 ISBN: 0760308446

The Spirit of Naval Aviation : The Naval Aviation Museum Collection
M. Hill Goodspeed, et al
Listed under Aircraft Carriers

Tales of a War Pilot (Smithsonian History of Aviation Series)
by Richard C. Kirkland, Von Hardesty (Editor)
The story of Lt. Richard Kirkland, P38 Lightning pilot in New Guinea in WW2, and later a helicopter pilot in Korea.
Hardcover - 160 pages (March 1999)
Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 1560988886

The Tuskegee Airmen : The Men Who Changed a Nation
Charles E. Francis, Adolph Caso (Editor)
Hardcover / Published 1997

Tuskegee's Heroes : Featuring the Aviation Art of Roy Lagrone
Charlie Cooper, et al
Listed under Art in Time of War

The U.S. Air Force (Lerner's Armed Services Series)
Nancy Warren Ferrell
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Library Binding - 72 pages (November 1990)
ISBN: 0822514338

U.S. Marine Corps Aviation : 1912 to the Present
Peter B. Mersky
Listed under US Marines

U.S. Navy Fighter Squadrons in World War II
Barrett Tillman
Hardcover / Published 1997
Out of Print - Try Used Books

United States Naval Air Stations of World War II : Western States Vol 2
M. L., Jr. Shettle
Hardcover / Published 1997 

The US 8th Air Force at Wharton 1942-1945 : The World's Greatest Air Depot
Harry Holmes
Paperback / Published 1998 

USAAF Handbook 1939-1945
Martin W. Bowman
Hardcover / Published 1997 

USAF for the 21st Century : Super Wing : Total Force Integration
James Benson, et al
Paperback / Published 1996 

Winged Victory : The Army Air Forces in World War II
Geoffrey Perret
Paperback / Published 1997

Wings for the Navy : A History of the Naval Aircraft Factory, 1917-1956
William F. Trimble
Hardcover / Published 1990

Wings Over the Mexican Border; Pioneer Military Aviation in the Big Bend
Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale
Paperback / Published 1997

The Wisdom of Eagles : A History of Maxwell Air Force Base
Jerome A. Ennels, Wesley Phillips Newton
Paperback / Published 1997
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Wings of Honor
American Airmen in World War I; A Compilation of All United States Pilots, Observers, Gunners and Mechanics Who Flew Against the Enemy
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
James J. Sloan, Jr.
Hardcover / Schiffer Publishing 1994
Special Order

An Escort of P-38s : The 1st Fighter Group in World War II
John D. Mullins, et al
Hardcover / Published 1997
Special Order

Kearby's Thunderbolts : The 348th Fighter Group in World War II
John C. Stanaway
Hardcover / Published 1997
Special Order

The USAF at War : From Pearl Harbor to the Present Day
Martin W. Bowman
Hardcover / Published 1995
Special Order

50 Years of the Desert Boneyard : Davis Monthan A.F.B., Arizona
Philip Chinnery
Paperback / Published 1995
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