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Articles: World War Two

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The 'Hitler Myth' : Image and Reality in the Third Reich
by Ian Kershaw
Paperback - 320 pages Reissue edition (November 2001)
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0192802062
Albert Speer : His Battle With Truth
by Gitta Sereny
Listed under Albert Speer

The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany
by Guenter Lewy
Paperback from DaCapo Press
Book Published: February, 2000

Defying Hitler
by Sebastian Haffner
What was it about Germany that made the rise of Adolf Hitler and his murderous regime possible? That troubling question has occupied many fine minds over the last six decades, few more lucid and thoughtful than the late historian and journalist Sebastian Haffner. In this book, drawn from a manuscript he did not live to complete, Haffner examines the social and cultural conditions that made Germany ill-equipped for democracy and ripe for totalitarianism. Among these, Haffner writes, were a generational war between an apathetic adult population and a youth "familiar with nothing but political clamor, sensation, anarchy, and the dangerous lure of irresponsible numbers games"; a fatal fondness for the winner-and-loser dichotomy of sports and a rage for spectacle and entertainment; a resignation through which ordinary people came to "adapt to living with clenched teeth, in a manner of speaking," rather than stand up in protest. In that climate, Haffner--who left Germany just before World War II broke out--suggests, Nazism was almost an inevitability, against which he, too, tried to withdraw into "a small, secure, private domain," like so many others of his time and place. An important eyewitness account, Haffner's book deepens our understanding of how small missteps can lead to tragic ends, and how nations can be led into chaos. --Gregory McNamee -
Hardcover: 272 pages
Farrar Straus & Giroux; ISBN: 0374161577; 1 Amer Ed edition (June 30, 2002)

Einstein's German World
by Fritz Richard Stern
Listed under German Resistance to Hitler

Encyclopedia of the Third Reich
by Louis Leo Snyder
Paperback - 410 pages (February 1997)
Marlowe & Co; ISBN: 1569249172

The Face of the Third Reich : Portraits of the Nazi Leadership
by Joachim C. Fest
Paperback - 416 pages (April 1999)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 030680915X

Backing Hitler : Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany
by Robert Gellately
Hardcover - 359 pages (April 2001)
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0198205600
The Germans and the Final Solution: Public Opinion Under Nazism (Jewish Society and Culture)
by David Bankier
Paperback from Blackwell Publishers
Book Published: December, 2001

by Ralf Georg Reuth
Paperback Reprint edition (September 1994)
Harcourt Brace; ISBN: 015600139X

Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project : A Study in German Culture
by Paul Lawrence Rose
Listed under Atomic Bomb

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military
Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military
by Bryan Mark Rigg
Hardcover from Univ Pr of Kansas
Book Published: May, 2002
Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact
Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact
by John Cornwell
Hardcover from Viking Press
Book Published: 09 October, 2003
In the Name of the Volk : Political Justice in Hitler's Germany
by H. W. Koch
Paperback - 256 pages (April 1998)
I B Tauris & Co Ltd; ISBN: 1860641741

Inside Hitler's Headquarters 1939-45
by Walther Warlimont
Inside Hitler's Headquarters provides a personal history of World War II as seen by the deputy chief of operations at the centre of Nazi power during 1939-41, one of the highest ranking German generals to survive the war.
Paperback Reissue edition (February 1994)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891415149

The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich : The SS 'Butcher of Prague'
by Callum MacDonald
The Assassination of Heydrich by British trained Czech agents on 27th May 1942.
Paperback - 272 pages 1 edition (September 1998)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306808609

Leni Riefenstahl : A Memoir
by Leni Riefenstahl
Leni Riefenstahl is best known as director of Triumph of the Will, a film of a Nazi Party Rally, and Olympia, the classic account of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In this memoir, the author finally discusses her motivations, her history, her important friendships, and, most of all, her art.
Mengele : The Complete Story
by Gerald L. Posner, John Ware, Michaael Berenbaum (Introduction)
Listed under Auschwitz

The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich: A History of the German National Railway
by Alfred C. Mierzejewski
Hardcover from Univ of North Carolina Pr
Book Published: December, 1999
A Nation on Trial : The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth
by Norman G. Finkelstein, Ruth Bettina Birn
A Nation on Trial is a reprinting and expansion of two scholarly articles published in 1997 which directly challenged Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners
The Nazi Conscience
by Claudia Koonz
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr
Book Published: November, 2003
The Nazi Dictatorship : Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation
by Ian Kershaw
Paperback - 256 pages 4th edition (August 2000)
Edward Arnold; ISBN: 0340760281
Special Order

The Nazi Olympics
Richard D. Mandell
Listed under Olympic Games

Nazism 1919-1945: State, Economy and Society, 1933-1939: A Documentary Reader (Exeter Studies in History)
by J. Noakes, G. Pridham
Paperback from University of Exeter Press
Book Published: 01 January, 2001

Nazism 1919-1945 : The German Home Front in World War II: A Documentary Reader
(Nazism Series , Vol 4)
by Jeremy Noakes (Editor)
Paperback - 640 pages 192 edition Vol 4 (November 1998)
Univ of Exeter Pr; ISBN: 0859893111

The Nazis : A Warning from History
by Laurence Rees, Ian Kershaw
Hardcover - 256 pages (April 1998)
New Press; ISBN: 1565844459
The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Third Reich
by Richard Overy
Paperback - 144 pages (July 1997)
Penguin USA
ISBN: 0140513302
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
by William L. Shirer
Shirer was an American journalist who spent several years in Nazi Germany. This book is the result of five years of research after the war, and is regarded as the best book on the subject. Db.
The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler: A Forensic Investigation
by W. Hugh Thomas, Hugh Thomas
Listed under Heinrich Himmler

Who's Who in Nazi Germany
by Robert S. Wistrich
350 short biographies
The 12-Year Reich : A Social History of Nazi Germany 1933-1945
by Richard Grunberger
Paperback (September 1995)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306806606

Nazi Germany : A New History
by Klaus P. Fischer
Paperback (November 1996)
Continuum Pub Group; ISBN: 0826409067

Voices from the Third Reich : An Oral History
by Johannes Steinhoff, Peter Pechel (Contributor), Dennis Showalter, Helmut D. Schmidt
Paperback - 550 pages (September 1994)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306805944
Frauen : German Women Recall the Third Reich
by Alison Owings
A collection of more than 50 oral histories.
Paperback Reprint edition (March 1995)
Rutgers Univ Press; ISBN: 0813522005
Germans into Nazis
by Peter Fritzsche
Hardcover - 288 pages (March 1998)
Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 067435091X

Plotting Hitler's Death : The Story of German Resistance
by Joachim C. Fest
Listed under German Resistance to Hitler

The Red Orchestra : The Soviet Spy Network Inside Nazi Europe
by V. E. Tarrant
Listed under Espionage

Where Ghosts Walked : Munich's Road to the Third Reich
by David Clay Large
Hardcover - 406 pages 1 Ed edition (October 1997)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 039303836X

When I Was a German, 1934-1945: An Englishwoman in Nazi Germany
by Christabel Bielenberg, Klemens Von Klemperer
Paperback from Bison Bks Corp
Book Published: November, 1998
Special Order

Impact : The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II
by Benjamin King, Timothy Kutta
Hardcover - 368 pages (September 1998)
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 1885119518
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Gestapo : An Illustrated History
by Rupert Butler
Out of Print - Try Used Books
Hardcover - 240 pages (May 1993)
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0879388013

The Nazi Dictatorship : Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation
by Ian Kershaw 
Paperback - 233 pages 3rd Rev edition (February 1995)
Edward Arnold; ISBN: 0340550473
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Nazism 1919-1945 : State, Economy and Society 1933-1939 : A Documentary Reader
(Exeter Studies in History, Vol 8)
by J. Noakes (Editor), G. Pridham (Editor)
Paperback Vol 2 (December 1995)
Univ of Exeter Pr; ISBN: 0859894614
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Skorzeny's Special Missions
The Memoirs of the Most Dangerous Man in Europe
by Otto Skorzeny
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Nazism 1919-1945 : Foreign Policy, War and Racial Extermination : A Documentary Reader
(Exeter Studies in History, No 13)
by J. Noakes (Editor), G. Pridham (Editor)
Paperback Vol 3 (December 1995)
Univ of Exeter Pr; ISBN: 0859894746
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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