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All This Hell : U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese
by Evelyn M. Monahan, Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee,
Rosemary L. Neidel
Hardcover - 264 pages (April 2000)
Univ Pr of Kentucky; ISBN: 0813121485

Bataan and Beyond : Memoires of an American Pow
(Centennial Series of the Texas A&m University Association of Former Students, No 6)
by John S., Jr. Coleman, Thomas Dooley
(Paperback - August 1991)

Behind Barbed Wire : German Prisoner of War Camps in Minnesota
by Anita Buck
Paperback - 144 pages (June 1998)
North Star Pr of st Cloud; ISBN: 0878391134

Beyond Courage : One Regiment Against Japan, 1941-1945
by Dorothy Cave
A vivid narrative of the men of New Mexico's 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (AA) units. Cave skillfully tells a story of hardship, bravery, unspeakable treatment, and a never-dying belief that their country would liberate them. They were the first unit to fire on the enemy in the Philippines and the last organized unit to lay down their arms when surrender came.
Paperback - 466 pages Revised edition (August 1996)
Yucca Tree Pr; ISBN: 1881325148

Bridge over the River Kwai
by Pierre Boulle
Classic fictional tale of British POW's on the Burma Railway.
Hardcover (July 1988)
Amereon Ltd; ISBN: 0891905715

Building the Death Railway : The Ordeal of American POWs in Burma,1942-1945
by Robert S. LA Forte (Designer), Ronald E. Marcello (Editor)
Hardcover - 300 pages (January 1993)
Scholarly Resources; ISBN: 084202428X

Burma Railway Artist : The War Drawings of Jack Chalker
by Jack Bridger Chalker, Jack A. Chalker, Edward Dunlop (Designer), Jack L. Chalker
Listed under Art in Wartime

Captured Soviet Generals : The Fate of Soviet Generals Captured by the Germans, 1941-1945 (Soviet Military Institute)
by Aleksander A. Maslov, et al
Listed under Russian Commanders of WWII

Conduct Unbecoming : The Story of the Murder of Canadian Prisoners of War in Normandy
by Howard Margolian
Listed under D-Day - The Normandy Invasion

Dancing Along the Deadline : The Andersonville Memoir of a Prisoner of the Confederacy
by Ezra Hoyt Ripple (Editor), Mark A. Snell (Editor)
Hardcover - 168 pages (May 1996)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891415777

Death March : The Survivors of Bataan
by Donald Knox, Stanley L. Falk (Designer)
A collection of first-hand accounts.
Paperback (April 1983)
Harvest Books; ISBN: 0156252244

Death on the Hellships: Prisoners at Sea in the Pacific War
by Gregory F. Michno
The Japanese treatment of prisoners of war in World War II has been written about before, but only with this chronicle will readers come to appreciate the true dimensions of the Allied POW experience at sea. It is a disturbing story that for many made the Bataan Death March pale by comparison.
United States Naval Inst.
Hardcover (June 2001)

Four Thousand Bowls of Rice : A Prisoner of War Comes Home
by Linda Goetz Holmes, J. M. Williams
Usually ships promptly.
Hardcover - 179 pages (August 1994)
Allen & Unwin; ISBN: 1863735798

Evidence Not Seen : A Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II
by Darlene Deibler Rose
Usually ships promptly.
Paperback - 256 pages Reprint edition (September 1990)
Harper San Francisco; ISBN: 0060670207

German POWs in Florida (The Florida History and Culture Series)
by Robert D., Jr. Billinger, Gary Mormino, Raymond Arsenault
Usually ships promptly.
Hardcover - 262 pages (February 2000)
Univ Pr of Florida (T); ISBN: 0813017408

Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission
Bestseller by Hampton Sides
Listed under War in the Pacific

The Great Escape
by Paul Brickhill
Mass Market Paperback from Fawcett Books
Book Published: November, 1991
Horyo : Memoirs of an American POW
by Richard M. Gordon, Benjamin S. Llamzon
Hardcover - 400 pages (November 1999)
Paragon House; ISBN: 1557787816

The Long Walk
by Slavomir Rawicz 
Paperback: 256 pages
The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1558216847; Reprint edition (December 1997)
Nazi Prisoners of War in America
by Arnold Krammer
Usually ships promptly.
Paperback (June 1996)
Scarborough House; ISBN: 0812885619

Martial Justice : The Last Mass Execution in the United States (Bluejacket Books Series)
by Richard Whittingham
Usually ships promptly.
Paperback - 288 pages (October 1997)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 155750945X

My Hitch in Hell: The Bataan Death March
by Lester I. Tenney
Usually ships promptly.
Hardcover - 240 pages (June 1, 1995)
ISBN: 0028811259

The Naked Island
by Russell Braddon
Paperback from Birlinn Ltd
Book Published: June, 2002
Portals to Hell : The Military Prisons of the Civil War
by Lonnie R. Speer
Usually ships promptly.
Hardcover - 416 pages 1 Ed edition (September 1997)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811703347

Prisoners in Paradise : American Women in the Wartime South Pacific
by Theresa Kaminski
Hardcover - 284 pages (March 2000)
Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 0700610030

Ray Parkin's Wartime Trilogy
by Ray Parkin
Listed under Australia at War

River Kwai Railway : The Story of the Burma-Siam Railway
by Clifford Kinvig
Usually ships promptly.
Paperback - 248 pages (September 1998)
Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 1857532058

The Road Back: A Pacific POW's Liberation Story
Dorothy Davis Thompson
A balanced and well-written account of camp conditions in the Philipines under the Japanese by a nurse who returned with the Army Nurse Corps after her liberation.
Hardcover: 256 pages
Texas Tech University Press; ISBN: 0896723623; (June 1996)

Surviving the Day: An American POW in Japan
Frank J. Grady, Rebecca Dickson
Hardcover / Published 1997
Usually ships promptly.

Surviving Bataan and Beyond : Colonel Irvin Alexander's Odyssey As a Japanese Prisoner of War
by Irvin Alexander, Dominic J. Caraccilo (Editor), Ken Hechler
Hardcover - 224 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1999)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811715965

Undue Process : The Untold Story of America's German Alien Internees
by Arnold Krammer
Usually ships promptly
Hardcover - 272 pages (December 1997)
Rowman & Littlefield; ISBN: 0847685187

The Gulf Between Us : Love and Terror in Desert Storm
by Cynthia B. Acree, et al
Hardcover: 322 pages
Brasseys, Inc.; ISBN: 1574881590; (April 1, 2000)

Stalag Wisconsin: Inside WWII Prisoner of War Camps
by Betty Cowley 

Faith Beyond Belief: A Journey to Freedom
by David Eberly 

White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives
by Paul Michel Baepler (Editor)
(Paperback - April 1999)

He Leadeth Me
by Walter J. Ciszek, Daniel Flaherty 
(Paperback - February 1995)

The Prisoners of Cabrera: Napoleon's Forgotten Soldiers, 1809-1814
by Denis Smith 

In the Shadow of the Rising Sun : The Story of Robert Davis, Pow and d Battery 515th Cac, Orphan Unit of Bataan
by Yvonne Boisclaire, Robert Davis (Photographer)
(Paperback - December 1997)

Hitler's Prisoners: Seven Cell Mates Tell Their Stories
by Erich O. Friedrich, Renate G. Vanegas

Refuge from the Reich : American Airmen and Switzerland During World War II
by Stephen Tanner

Attention, Fool!
by William Jacob Weissinger
Hardcover (June 1998)
Eakin Publications; ISBN: 157168171X
Special Order

Railway of Hell
by Reginald Burton, Ronald Searle
Hardcover from Pen & Sword
Book Published: August, 2002

Stalag 17B
by Richard H. Hoffman, Richard H. Hoffman Lt. Col. USAF 

A Gallant Company: The Men of the Great Escape
by Jonathan F. Vance

Prisoner of the Japanese : From Changi to Tokyo
by Tom Henling Wade
Paperback - 186 pages (July 1994)
Seven Hills Book Distributors; ISBN: 0864176023
Special Order

The Great Raid on Cabanatuan : Rescuing the Doomed Ghosts of Bataan and Corregidor
by William B. Breuer
Paperback - 258 pages (September 1994)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471037427
Special Order

Unjust Enrichment : How Japan's Companies Built Postwar Fortunes Using American Pows
by Linda Goetz Holmes
(Hardcover - January 2001)

The Wooden Horse
by Eric Williams
Paperback Reprint edition (June 1995)
BBC Pubns; ISBN: 0563369019
A classic - possibly the classic - WWII escape story.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

We Will Wait : Wives of French Prisoners of War, 1940-1945
by Sarah Fishman
Hardcover - 253 pages (January 1992)
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300047746
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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"Two things have changed not, since the world began -

                      The beauty of the great green earth, and the bravery of man."

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