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The First World War
by John Keegan
The author has a gift for talking the lay person through the twists and turns of a complex narrative in a way that is never less than accessible or engaging. Read a review of The First World War.

An Illustrated History of the First World War
by John Keegan
Listed under First World War

Six Armies in Normandy : From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris
by John Keegan
(Paperback - June 1994)

The Mask of Command
by John Keegan
(Paperback - January 1989)

The Price of Admiralty : The Evolution of Naval Warfare
by John Keegan
Listed under Navies

War and Our World (The Reith Lectures, 1998)
by John Keegan, LuAnn Walther (Editor)
(Paperback - May 2001)

Warfare in the Seventeenth Century (History of Warfare)
by John Childs, John Keegan (Editor)
(Hardcover - August 2001)

Battle at Sea : From Man-Of-War to Submarine
by John Keegan
(Paperback - June 1988)

Brassey's Encyclopedia of Military History & Biography
by Franklin D. Margiotta (Editor), John Keegan
(Paperback - December 2000)

The Battle for History : Re-Fighting World War II
by John Keegan
(Paperback - February 1996)

The Book of War
by John Keegan (Editor)
(Paperback - October 2000)

World War II
by John Keegan (Editor)

Winston Churchill: A Penguin Life
by John Keegan
Listed under Winston Churchill

The Face of Battle
by John Keegan
(Paperback - July 1995)

The Price of Admiralty : The Evolution of Naval Warfare
by John Keegan
Listed under Navies

Who's Who in World War Two (Who's Who)
by John Keegan (Editor)

Churchill's Generals
by John Keegan (Audio Cassette)

The Second World War in the West (The History of Warfare)
by Charles Messenger, John Keegan (Editor)
(Hardcover - August 1999)

The Second World War in the East (History of Warfare)
by H. P. Willmott, John Keegan
(Hardcover - March 2000)

The Second World War in the Far East (History of Warfare)
by P. H. Willmott, John Keegan (Editor)
(Paperback - May 2002)

Who's Who in Military History : From 1453 to the Present Day (Who's Who Series)
by John Keegan, Andrew Wheatcroft (Contributor)
Listed under History of Warfare

The Wars of the Ancient Greeks and Their Invention of Western Military Culture (The History of Warfare)
by Victor Davis Hanson, John Keegan (Editor)
Listed under Greek Wars

Times Atlas of the Second World War
by John Keegan (Editor)
(Hardcover - April 1995)
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