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Boeing/BAE Harrier
by Dennis R. Jenkins
Exceptional technical analysis of a fascinating aircraft. It details the aircraft's innovative engineering, McDonnell Douglas' design of the Big-Wing Harrier and its solutions to difficult problems, combat in the Falklands, Marine AV-8 Harriers, and more.
Paperback - 100 pages (December 15, 1998)
Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers; ISBN: 1580070140

Douglas F3d Skyknight (Naval Fighters Series No 4)
by Steven J. Ginter
(Paperback - March 1982)

Douglas DC-6 and DC-7
by Harry Gann
Specialty Press Publishers & Wholesalers, Paperback September 1999
ISBN: 1580070175

Douglas DC-9 (Airlife's Airliners: 15)
Douglas DC-9 (Airlife's Airliners: 15)
by Philip J. Birtles
Book Description: Rear-mounted engines were popular with passengers because of reduced noise levels in the cabin, popular with airlines because of ease of engine maintenance and with designers because it allowed wings free of engine clutter. 
Paperback from Airlife Pub Ltd
Book Published: November, 2002
Douglas Jetliners (Enthusiast Color Series)
by Guy Norris, Mark Wagner
Book Description: One of America's most successful jetliner manufacturers roared onto the scene in the late 1950s with the DC-8. This new book examines designs, test programs, breakthroughs and service histories for every Douglas jetliner (including the DC-9, DC-10, MD-11, MD-80, MD-90 and MD-95) through the company's 1997 merger with Boeing. Close-up color photos feature the jetliners in flight, in a variety of paint schemes, and in scenic locales around the world. 
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Book Published: May, 1999

Early American Jetliners: Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Convair CV-880
by Ugo Vicenzi
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Book Published: 15 August, 1999

The Illustrated History of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft : From Cloudster to Boeing
by Mike Badrocke, Bill Gunston
Hardcover from Osprey Publications
Book Published: December, 1999

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom (Aviation Notebook Series)
by Stewart Wilson, Juanita Franzi
Paperback from Wilson Media
Book Published: 15 May, 2000

Skyraider: The Douglas A-1 Flying Dump Truck
by Rosario Rausa
Hardcover from Nautical & Aviation Pub Co of Amer
Book Published: November, 1982

Naval Fighters Number Forty-Three Douglas A2D Skyshark Turbo-Prop Attack Aircraft
by Gerry Markgraf, Harry Gann, Steve Ginter
Paperback from Naval Fighters
Book Published: 01 October, 1997
Special Order

McDonnell Douglas: Douglas Aircraft 1920-1997, Revised (Putnam Aviation)
by Rene J. Francillon, René J. Francillon
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.
Book Published: 18 November, 2003

McDonnell Douglas Aircraft: Since 1920 (Putnam Aviation Series)
by Rene J. Francillon
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.
Book Published: October, 1990

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (Airliner Color History)
by Gunter Endres
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Book Published: December, 1998

McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle: A Photo Chronicle (Schiffer Military / Aviation History)
by William G. Holder, Mike Wallace, Bill Holder
Paperback from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Book Published: October, 1994
Special Order

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Gun Nosed Phantoms (Warbird Tech , Vol 8)
by Kris Hughes, et al
(Paperback - May 1997)

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (Warbird Tech , Vol 9)
by Dennis R. Jenkins
(Paperback - May 1997)

Donald W. Douglas: A Heart With Wings
by Wilbur H. Morrison
Hardcover from Iowa State Univ Pr (Trd)
Book Published: December, 1991
Special Order

McDonnell Douglas: Tale of Two Giants
by Bill Yenne
Hardcover from Outlet
Book Published: December, 1988
Out of Print - Try Used Books

C-47 Skytrain in Action (Aircraft Number 149)
by Larry Davis
Paperback from Squadron/Signal Pubns
Book Published: January, 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Supersonic Flight: Breaking the Sound Barrier and Beyond: The Story of the Bell X-1 and Douglas D-558
by Richard P. Hallion
Hardcover from Brasseys, Inc.
Book Published: October, 1997
Availability: Out of Stock

Modern Fighting Aircraft F 16 Fighting Falcon
by Douglas Richardson, Doug Richardson
Hardcover from Arco Pub
Book Published: October, 1983
Out of Print - Try Used Books

DC-3 and C-47 Gooney Birds: Includes the DC-2, DC-3, C-47, B-18 Bolo, B-23 Dragon, the Basler turboprop Goonies, and many more
by Michael O'Leary
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Book Published: September, 1992
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Dakota, Hercules and Caribou in Australian Service (Australian Airpower Collection)
by Stewart Wilson
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Book Published: January, 1991
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Bae/McDonnell Douglas Harrier
by Andy Evens
Hardcover from Crowood Pr
Book Published: May, 1998
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Douglas Dc-3 Dakota (Super Profile)
by Mike Hooks
Hardcover from Haynes Publishing
Book Published: June, 1985
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Douglas Dc-3
by Austin J. Brown
Paperback from Ian Allan Ltd
Book Published: January, 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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