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The Crimean War: A Clash of Empires
by Ian Fletcher, Natalia Ishchenko
Hardcover from Spellmount Publishers
Book Published: 19 July, 2004
The Crimean War: A Reappraisal (Wordsworth Military Library)
by Philip Warner
Paperback from Wordsworth Editions Ltd
Book Published: 23 November, 2000
The Crimean War: The Story Behind the Myth
by Clive Ponting
Hardcover from Chatto and Windus
Book Published: 04 March, 2004
The Crimean War (Essential Histories S.)
by John Sweetman
Paperback from Osprey
Book Published: 24 January, 2001
Death or Glory: Legacy of the Crimean War
by Robert Edgerton
Paperback from Westview Press
Book Published: June, 2000
Stories of the Crimean War
by Mrs W.J. Tait
Paperback from Naval and Military Press
Book Published: 12 October, 2001
Balaclava 1854 : The Charge of the Light Brigade
(Campaign Series, No. 6)
by John Sweetman. Paperback
Paperback: 96 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.36 x 9.81 x 7.29
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 0850459613; (October 1990)

The Charge of the Light Brigade
by John Sweetman
(Paperback - July 2000)

The Charge : Why the Light Brigade Was Lost
by Mark Adkin
Hardcover: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.19 x 9.52 x 6.39
Leo Cooper; ISBN: 0850524695; (March 1997)

Crimea : The Great Crimean War, 1854-1856
by Trevor Royle
Hardcover: 564 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.77 x 9.61 x 6.62
St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312230796; (May 2000)

Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer
by Barbara Montgomery Dossey
Listed under Florence Nightingale

The Crimean War (Osprey Essential Histories)
by John Sweetman
(Paperback - March 2001)

The Crimean War (The War Correspondents)
by Andrew D. Lambert, Stephen Badsey (Contributor)
(Hardcover - September 1997)

The Crimean War
by R. L. V. Ffrench Blake, et al
(Hardcover - March 1997)

The Crimean War (World History Series)
by Deborah Bachrach 
(Library Binding - January 1998)

The Crimean War 1853-1856 (Modern Wars)
by Winfried Baumgart
(Paperback - February 2000)

Death or Glory : The Legacy of the Crimean War
by Robert B. Edgerton
(Paperback - June 2000)

Death or Glory: The Legacy of the Crimean War
by Robert B. Edgerton
(Hardcover - April 1999)

The Drummer Boy's Battle (Trailblazer Books)
by Dave Jackson, et al
(Paperback - January 1997)

Head Dress of the British Heavy Cavalry (Dragoons) 1842-1922 : Dragoon Guards, Household, and Yeomanry Cavalry, 1842-1934 (Schiffer Military History)
by David J. Rowe
Listed under British Uniforms

MARCHING TO THE DRUMS: Eyewitness Accounts of War from the Charge of the Light Brigade to the Siege of Ladysmith
by Ian Knight (Editor), edited by Ian Knight

The Origins of the Crimean War (Origins of Modern Wars)
by David M. Goldfrank 
(Textbook Binding - March 1994)

Reason Why/the Story of the Fatal Charge of the Light Brigade
by Cecil Woodham-Smith, C. Woodham Smith 
(Paperback - June 1987)

The Sebastopol Sketches (Penguin Classics)
by Leo Tolstoy, David McDuff (Photographer)
(Paperback - July 1986)

Historical Dictionary of the Crimean War (Historical  Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest, 19) 
by Guy Arnold, John Worronoff (Editor)
(Hardcover - June 2002)

The Ultimate Spectacle : A Visual History of the Crimean War (Documenting the Image)
by Ulrich Keller
(Hardcover - January 2002)

The Russian Army of the Crimean War, 1854-56
(Men-At-Arms Series, No. 241)
Robert H.G. Thomas, Richard Scollins (Illustrator)
Paperback / Published 1995
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