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The Boer War: London to Ladysmith Via Pretoria and Ian Hamilton's March
by Winston Churchill
Paperback from Pimlico
Book Published: 03 October, 2002
The Boer War
by Thomas Pakenham
Paperback from Abacus
Book Published: 03 October, 1991
The Boer Wars: 1898-1902 v. 2 (Men-at-arms S.)
by Ian Knight, Lee Johnson, Gerry Embleton
Paperback from Osprey
Book Published: 01 March, 1997
The Boer Wars: 1836-98 v. 1 (Men-at-arms S.)
by Ian Knight
Paperback from Osprey
Book Published: 01 November, 1996
Mounted Infantry at War (Boer War Series)
by S. St Ledger
Hardcover from Galago Publishing Pty Ltd
Book Published: 31 December, 1998
A Lincolnshire Volunteer: The Boer War Letters of Private Walter Barley and Comrades
by Walter Barley, Cecillie Swaisland
Paperback from Literatim, Oxford
Book Published: 27 March, 2001
The Great Boer War, the
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hardcover from
Book Published: 13 May, 2002
Australian Illustrated Enclyopadia of the Zulu and Boer Wars
by Ronald James Austin
Hardcover from Slouch Hat Publications
Book Published: 29 November, 1999
Boer Commando 1881-1902 (Warrior S.)
by Ian Knight
Paperback from Osprey
Book Published: January, 2004
Absent Minded Beggars : Volunteers in the Boer War
William Bennett
Hardcover / Published 1999

The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
by Fransjohan Pretorius
Paperback - 96 pages (September 1999)
New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1868721795

The Boer War
Thomas Pakenham
Paperback / Published 1992

Boer War Diaries : The Letters, Diaries and Photographs of Malcolm Riall
Malcolm Riall Archive, et al
Hardcover / Published 1999 
Historical Fiction

The Boer War
Tabitha Jackson
Hardcover - 192 pages 0 edition (September 1999)
Channel 4 Book; ISBN: 075221702X
Special Order

The Boer War in Postcards
Ian McDonald
Listed under Collectible Postcards

The Boer War : South Africa 1899-1902
Osprey Military, Martin Marix Evans
Hardcover / Published 1999 
Delivery sometimes delayed. 

The Boer War (Concise Campaigns Series)
Eversley Belfield
Hardcover / Published 1993 
(Special Order)

The Boer War and Military Reforms (War and Society in East Central Europe, Vol 28)
Jay Stone, Erwin A. Schmidl
Hardcover / Published 1988 
(Special Order)

The Boer War in American Politics and Diplomacy
Richard B. Mulanax
Hardcover / Published 1994 
(Special Order)

The Boer Wars (1) 1836-1898 (Men-At-Arms , No 301)
Ian Knight, Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)
Listed under British Army Uniforms

The Boy : Baden-Powell and the Siege of Mafeking
by Pat Hopkins, Heather Dugmore
Paperback - 222 pages (April 1, 2000)
New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1868722627

The Chess Garden
by Brooks Hansen (Fiction)
Listed under Military Fiction

Colenso 1899 : The Boer War in Natal (Campaign, No 38)
Ian Knight
Paperback / Published 1995

Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive
by Celia Sandys
Listed under Winston Churchill

Eminent Victorian Soldiers : Seekers of Glory
by Byron Farwell
Paperback (July 1988)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393305333

Gender, Race, and the Writing of Empire : Public Discourse and the Boer War (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture, 23)
Paula M. Krebs
Hardcover / Published 1999

Ladysmith : Colenso/Spion Kop/Hlangwane/Tugela (Battleground South Africa)
by Lewis Childs
Paperback - 144 pages (September 1998)
Pen & Sword; ISBN: 0850526116

Ladysmith: The Siege
by Lewis Childs
(Paperback - April 1999)

Kimberly: Battleground South Africa
by Lewis Childs
(Paperback - June 2001)

Life On Commando During The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
by Fransjohan Pretorius
Paperback - 479 pages (October 31, 1999)
Human & Rousseau (Pty) Ltd; ISBN: 0798138084

My Early Life : 1874-1904
Winston Churchill
Listed under Books on Winston Churchill

Queen Victoria's Little Wars
by Byron Farwell
Paperback Reprint edition (February 1988)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393302350

Rorke's Drift (Wordsworth Collection)
by Michael Glover
Listed under Zulu War

Mr. Kipling's Army
by Byron Farwell
Listed under British Army

MacBride's Brigade : Irish Commandos in the Anglo-Boer War
Donal P. McCracken
Hardcover / Published 1999

A Rain of Lead : The Siege and Surrender of the British at Potchefstroom 1880-1881
by Ian H. W. Bennett
Hardcover - 240 pages (June 2001)
Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal; ISBN: 1853674370

The Russians and the Anglo-Boer War : 1899-1902
Apollon Davidson, Irina Filatova
Paperback / Published 1999
(Special Order)

The Forgotten War : Australia and the Boer War
Laurie Field
Paperback / Published 1995 
(Special Order)

The Rand at War, 1899-1902 : The Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War
Diana Cammack
Paperback / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The Rand at War, 1899-1902 : The Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War (Perspectives on Southern Africa, No. 44)
Diana Cammack
Hardcover / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The Life & Times of the Right Honourable Cecil John Rhodes, 1853-1902
by Lewis Michell
Listed under African History

The Anglo Boer War, 1899-1902: philately of the Boer and British prisoner of war camps
Listed under Philately

The South African War : The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
Hardcover / Published 1981
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