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The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle: The Viking Runes/Book and Rune Stones/10th Anniversary Edition
by Ralph H. Blum
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
Book Published: October, 1993
Chronicles of the Vikings: Records, Memorials and Myths
by R. I. Page.
Paperback: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 9.42 x 6.73
Publisher: Univ of Toronto Pr; (January 1996)
ISBN: 0802071651

Cultural Atlas of the Viking World
by Colleen E. Batey, et al
Hardcover: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.98 x 12.19 x 9.64 
Publisher: Checkmark Books; (October 1994) 
ISBN: 0816030049 

A History of the Vikings
by Gwyn Jones
Paperback from Oxford Press
Book Published: May, 2001

The King of Vinland's Saga
by Stuart W. Mirsky
(Paperback - August 1998)

Mongols, Huns & Vikings
by Hugh Kennedy, John Keegan
Hardcover from Sterling
Book Published: July, 2002

The Norsemen in the Viking Age (Peoples of Europe)
by Eric Christiansen
Hardcover from Blackwell Publishers
Book Published: May, 2002

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings
edited by P. H. Sawyer.
Everyone feared the Vikings during their three centuries of terror, which lasted roughly from the start of the 8th century to the end of the 11th century. They are best remembered as cruel pagan raiders from the frigid north, but their vibrant warrior culture also managed to transform the north Atlantic and much of Russia through trade and settlement. Their seafaring exploits, passed down through the generations in a series of entertaining sagas, led them to Iceland, Greenland, and even North America (which they called "Vinland"). These accomplishments are truly extraordinary, and reveal how a group of people often belittled as cruel brutes actually expanded the frontiers of human knowledge. Peter Sawyer has pulled together a group of accomplished scholars, including Janet L. Nelson and Simon Keynes, to contribute chapters to this attractive, full-color volume. The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings contains the very latest information available about the Vikings and their often violent--but always intriguing--ways.
Paperback: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 9.55 x 7.08 
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Illustrated edition (September 2001) 
ISBN: 0192854348 

Odin's Family : Myths of the Vikings
by Neil Philip, Maryclare Foa (Contributor)
(Hardcover - September 1996)

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings
by Peter Sawyer (Editor)
(Hardcover - November 1997)
Special Order

The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings (Penguin Historical Atlases)
by John Haywood
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.38 x 9.63 x 7.07
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140513280; (September 1995)

Secrets of the Viking Navigators
by Leif K. Karlsen
How the Vikings used their amazing sunstones and other techniques to cross the open ocean. 
Paperback from One Earth Press
Book Published: 25 February, 2003
The Sayings of the Vikings
by Bjorn Jonasson (Translator)
(Hardcover - May 2002)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

To the Lands of the Vikings
by Trevor Hodgson

Swords of the Viking Age: Catalogue of Examples
by Ian G. Peirce, Ewart Oakeshott
Hardcover from Boydell & Brewer
Book Published: December, 2002
Viking Conquest (World History Series)
by David Schaffer
(Hardcover - March 2002)

Viking Designs
by A. G. Smith
Listed under Norse Clip Art

Viking Longship (New Vanguard 47)
by Keith Durham, et al
Paperback: 48 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1841763497; (February 2002)

The Vikings
by Else Roesdahl
(Paperback - January 1999)

The Vikings
by Ian Heath
Paperback: 64 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855329433; (April 1999)
by Paul Cavill

The Vikings and the Victorians : Inventing the Old Norse in Nineteenth-Century Britain
by Andrew Wawn
(Paperback - April 2002)

Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga
by William W. Fitzhugh (Editor), et al
In the early Middle Ages, driven by famine at home and the promise of wealth to be had in other lands, the Viking people exploded out of Scandinavia and set about conquering parts of England, Ireland, France, Russia, and even Turkey. Emboldened by their successes, the Vikings pushed ever farther outward, eventually crossing the North Atlantic and founding settlements in Iceland, Greenland, and eastern Canada. In The Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga, some three dozen scholars examine the growing archaeological evidence of the Viking presence in the New World--including such items as a Norse coin excavated in Maine, runic stones from the Canadian Arctic, and farming implements found in Newfoundland. The contributors consider the sometimes friendly, sometimes warlike history of Viking interactions with the native peoples of northeastern North America (whom the Norse called skraelings, or "screamers"); compare the archaeological record with contemporary sagas and other records of exploration; and argue for the need to better document the Viking contribution to New World history. "As an historical and cultural achievement," write the editors, "the Viking Age and its North American medieval extension stand out as one of the most remarkable periods in human history." This oversized, heavily illustrated volume celebrates that little-understood time. --Gregory McNamee -

The Viking Discovery of America : The Excavation of a Norse Settlement in L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland
by Helge Ingstad, Anne Stine Ingstad
(Hardcover - October 2001)

Viking Hersir : 793-1066 AD (Warrior Series, No 3)
by Mark Harrison, Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)
The earliest violent encounter recorded between Scandinavians and the people of Britain was in 789, and "seamen", "pirates" and "pagans" were all terms which were to become synonymous with viking by the end of the Viking period. The enduring perception that the Viking raids targeted the Christian Church, however, is a myth born rather of the bias of the Old English historians than of any discrimination on the part of the Vikings, and by the 830's their attacks were clearly aimed primarily at Europe's economic centers. Mark Harrison investigates the lifestyle, the motivation and the status of these early Scandinavian warriors. The Publisher.
Paperback - 64 pages (November 1993)
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855323184

The Vikings (Warrior Elite, No 3)
by Ian Heath
Paperback - 64 pages (August 1985)
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 0850455650

The Viking Art of War (Greenhill Military Paperback)
by Paddy Griffith
Paperback: 224 pages
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 1853673374; (October 1998)
Words of Widsom from the Vikings:Proverbs from the North
by Joanne Asala (Translator)

The Vikings (Landmark Books, 7)
by Elizabeth Janeway
(Paperback - September 1981)
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