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Abayudaya: The Jews of Uganda
by Richard Sobol, Jeffrey A. Summit
Hardcover from Abbeville Press, Inc.
Book Published: September, 2002

About Life and Uganda
by Fred Lybrand
Paperback from Trafford
Book Published: February, 2003
Availability: Special Order

Alice Lakwena and the Holy Spirits: War in Northern Uganda, 1985-97 (Eastern African Studies)
by Heike Behrend, Mitch Cohen
Paperback: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 8.47 x 5.32 
Publisher: Ohio Univ Pr (Txt); (January 2000) 
ISBN: 0821413112 

A Comprehensive Course in Twi Asante for the Non-Twi Learner (Agriculture in Uganda)
by Florence Abena Dolphyne
Paperback from Ghana Universities Press
Book Published: 20 October, 1998

Cultural Values and Development in Uganda (Nirp Research for Policy Series)
by J. Munene, S. Schwartz
Paperback from Koninklijk Instituut
Book Published: January, 2001
Availability: Special Order

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo (Peter Capstick Library Series)
by John Henry Patterson
In 1898 John H. Patterson arrived in East Africa with a mission to build a railway bridge over the Tsavo River. What started out as a simple engineering problem, however, soon took on almost mythical proportions as Patterson and his mostly Indian workforce were systematically hunted by two man-eating lions over the course of several weeks. During that time, 100 workers were killed, and the entire bridge-building project ground to a halt. As if the lions weren't enough, Patterson had to guard his back against his own increasingly hostile and mutinous workers as he set out to track and kill the man-eaters. This larger-than-life tale forms the basis of the entertaining film The Ghost and the Darkness, but for readers who want to know the whole--and true--story, The Man-Eaters of Tsavo comes straight from the great white-hunter's mouth. Patterson's account of the lions' reign of terror and his own subsequent attempts to kill them is the stuff of great adventure, and his unmistakably Victorian manner of telling it only adds to the thrill. Consider this description of the aftermath of an attack by the lions: "...we at once set out to follow the brutes, Mr. Dalgairns feeling confident that he had wounded one of them, as there was a trail on the sand like that of the toes of a broken limb.... we saw in the gloom what we at first took to be a lion cub; closer inspection, however, showed it to be the remains of the unfortunate coolie, which the man-eaters had evidently abandoned at our approach. The legs, one arm and half the body had been eaten, and it was the stiff fingers of the other arm trailing along the sand which had left the marks we had taken to be the trail of a wounded lion...." This classic tale of death, courage, and terror in the African bush is still a page-turner, even after all these years.
(Hardcover -- January 1986)

Health Care in Uganda: Selected Issues (World Bank Discussion Paper, 404)
by Paul Hutchinson, Demissie Habte, Mary Mulusa
Paperback from World Bank
Book Published: November, 1999

Idi Amin and Uganda : An Annotated Bibliography
by Martin Jamison
Hardcover from Greenwood Publishing Group
Book Published: October, 1992
Availability: Special Order

The Impenetrable Forest
by Thor Hanson
Paperback from
Book Published: 20 September, 2000

Interesting Times: Life in Uganda Under Idi Amin
by Peter A. P. J. Allen, et al
(Hardcover -- August 2000)

Uganda (Major World Nations)
by Alexander Creed
(Library Binding -- May 1998)

Spectrum Guide to Uganda (Spectrum Guide to Uganda)
by Camerapix
Paperback from Interlink Pub Group
Book Published: March, 1998

Uganda (Oxfam Country Profiles)
by Ian Leggett
(Paperback -- September 2001)

The Path of a Genocide : The Rwanda Crisis from Uganda to Zaire
by Howard Adelman (Editor), Astri Suhrke (Editor)
(Paperback -- December 2000)

The Roots of Ethnicity : The Origins of the Acholi of Uganda Before 1800 (Ethnohistory Series)
by Ronald R. Atkinson
(Hardcover -- December 1994)

Two Kings of Uganda : Or, Life by the Shores of Victoria Nyanza (Cass Library of African Studies. Missionary Researches and Travels, No. 13)
by Robert Pickering Ashe
(Hardcover -- June 1970)
Special Order

Changing Uganda : The Dilemmas of Structural Adjustment & Revolutionary Change (Eastern African Studies Series)
by Michael Twaddle (Editor), Holger B. Hansen (Editor)
(Paperback -- December 1991)

The Political Kingdom in Uganda : A Study of Bureaucratic Nationalism
by David E. Apter
(Hardcover -- June 1997)
Special Order

Kakungulu & the Creation of Uganda 1868-1928 (Eastern African Studies)
by Michael Twaddle
(Hardcover -- November 1993)

Kakungulu and the Creation of Uganda (Eastern African Studies Series)
by Michael Twaddle
(Paperback -- November 1993)

Executive Report on Strategies in Uganda, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Uganda Research Group
(Ring-bound -- November 2, 2000)
Special Order

Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi
by Terry Stevenson et al
Listed under African Birds

The Lugbara of Uganda (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)
by John Middleton
Paperback from International Thomson Publishing
Book Published: November, 1997

Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa: All the Reptiles of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

Uganda, 3rd Edition

The Path of a Genocide : The Rwanda Crisis from Uganda to Zaire

The Path of a Genocide : The Rwanda Crisis from Uganda to Zaire

Political Evolution and Democratic Practice in Uganda 1952-1996 (African Studies, 51)
by Jim Ocitti
(Hardcover -- January 2000)
Special Order


Uganda Since Independence: A Story of Unfulfilled Hopes
by Phares Mutibwa
Paperback from Africa World Press
Book Published: November, 1992

Uganda: Tarnished Pearl of Africa
by Thomas P. Ofcansky
Paperback from Westview Press
Book Published: December, 1996

Uganda Now : Between Decay and Development (East African Studies)
by Holger Bernt Hansen, Michael Twaddle (Editor)
(Hardcover -- August 1988)

Women and Politics in Uganda
by Aili Mari Tripp
Paperback from University of Wisconsin Press
Book Published: May, 2000

Service Provision Under Stress in East Africa: The State, NGOs, & People's Organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, & Uganda

Questioning Misfortune : The Pragmatics of Uncertainty in Eastern Uganda
by Susan Reynolds Whyte
Paperback from Cambridge University Press
Book Published: April, 1998


The Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985

Africa's Indigenous Institutions in Nation Building : Uganda (African Studies, Vol 48)

Conflict Resolution in Uganda (Peace Research Monograph, No 16 : From the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo)

When Hens Begin to Crow: Gender and Parliamentary Politics in Uganda
by Sylvia Tamale
Paperback from Westview Press
Book Published: June, 1999
Availability: Special Order

War in Uganda: The Legacy of Idi Amin
by Tony Avirgan, Martha Honey
Hardcover from Lawrence Hill & Co
Book Published: January, 1983
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

Mission, Church and State in a Colonial Setting: Uganda, 1890-C. 1925
by Holger Bernt Hansen
(Hardcover -- February 1985)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Elizabeth of Toro
by Elizabeth
Paperback from Touchstone Books
Book Published: August, 1989
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

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