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Alexander of Russia: Napoleon's Conqueror
by Henri Troyat
Book Description: In Paris and London, the crowds hailed him as the man who had conquered Napoleon, as the liberator of Europe, and as a benevolent, enlightened monarch. At home he came to be feared as a reactionary, oppressive autocrat in a country where millions of serfs were still treated as little more than personal property. A grandson of Catherine the Great, a conspirator in the assassination of his own father, and an idealistic and ineffective participant at the Congress of Vienna, Alexander was torn all his life between his liberal illusions and the hard realities of autocratic Russia. In a brilliant biography of one of the most unorthodox of Russia's tsars, Henri Troyat -- winner of the Prix Populiste and the coveted Prix Goncourt -- delivers a masterful portrait of Europe during a momentous period in its modern history. 
Paperback: 336 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.94 x 9.01 x 6.03 
Publisher: Grove Press; (January 2003) 
ISBN: 0802139493 

Anastasia: The Lost Princess
by James Blair Lovell
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; Reprint edition (February 1995)

Anastasia, the Last Grand Duchess Russia, 1914
by Carolyn Meyer
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Anastasia is a carefree young duchess, daughter of Nicholas Alexandrovitch Romanov, tsar of all the Russias in 1914. While her father attends to the turbulent affairs of a vast and complex country, Anastasia's major concerns are how to get out of her detested schoolwork to play in the snow, go ice skating, or have picnics. She wears diamonds and rubies, and every morning her mother tells her which matching outfit she and her three sisters shall wear that day. Slowly a hint of future trouble enters her happy, pampered life. Anastasia's younger brother, the future tsar, is a hemophiliac--a "bleeder" who cannot stop bleeding if he is cut or bruised. Anastasia begins to learn that all is not well in the outside world, either. Not everyone in Russia worships her father as she does, and the Germans are about to declare war on Russia. Anastasia's world gradually deteriorates, as reported in her youthful, often playful journal.

As Russia entered World War I, hunger and poverty grew among the peasants, and the Romanov ruling family began to lose favor, culminating in their murders--including Anastasia's--by Bolshevik revolutionaries. This fictionalized diary of the mischievous youngest daughter's last four years gives a fascinating glimpse into a life of unlimited wealth--and the subsequent downward spiral. Historical notes, family trees, and photographs round out Carolyn Meyer's compelling contribution to the popular Royal Diaries series. (Ages 9 to 14) --Emilie Coulter -
Hardcover: 227 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 7.70 x 5.43
Publisher: Scholastic Trade; (September 2000)
ISBN: 0439129087

An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar: The Spiritual Journey of Charles Sydney Gibbes
by Christine L. Benagh
Out of the dampness of a Lond morning steps an elderly, white-bearded man in a threadbard cassock. He carries a walking stick in his right hand, and a tattered black shopping bag on his left arm. His name is Father Nicholas Gibbes.

Warm and affable, yet intensely private, he seldom speakes of the incredible journey which carried him from the hallowed halls of St. John's College in Cambridge to the court of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. As one of three tutors to the Imperial Family, he had gained entrance to the inner world of the ill-fated Family. First as teach, but soon as trusted friend and confidant, he walked with them through the dark days of their exile and eventual murder at the hands of the Bosheviks. These ten years would change the course of his life, eventually leading him back to Great Britain, where he would devote himself the rest of his days in service to the Faith he had discovered in the midst of the court of the Tsar.

Centering her research around actual letters and documents from the Gibbes collections in England and numerous personal interviews with the late George Gibbes, adopted son of Father Nicholas, as well as other surviving acquaintances and friends, the author has carefully documented this fascinating story as Gibbes journeys from Great Britain to Russia, Siberia, China, the Philippines, Jerusalem, and finally back again to England. Benaugh's account profits from newly uncovered evidence regarding the murders of the Imperial Family and offers details which were unknown during the lifetime of Fr. Nicholas. She carefully documents hitherto unpublished events of his life in England as an Orthodox priest and his foundational role in establishing the Orthodox Church in Oxford as well as his pioneering role in the development of British Orthodoxy. The Publisher.
Hardcover: 296 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.12 x 8.82 x 5.88
Publisher: Conciliar Press; (July 2000)
ISBN: 1888212195

The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II: What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed
by Igor Lysenko, et al
(Hardcover - November 1998)

The Fate of the Romanovs
The Fate of the Romanovs
by Greg King, Penny Wilson
Book Description: Abundant, newly discovered sources shatter long-held beliefs
The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 revealed, among many other things, a hidden wealth of archival documents relating to the imprisonment and eventual murder of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their children. Emanating from sources both within and close to the Imperial Family as well as from their captors and executioners, these often-controversial materials have enabled a new and comprehensive examination of one the pivotal events of the twentieth century and the many controversies that surround it. 

Based on a careful analysis of more than 500 of these previously unpublished documents, along with numerous newly discovered photos, The Fate of the Romanovs makes compelling revisions to many long-held beliefs about the Romanovs†final months and moments. This powerful account includes: 

  • Surprising evidence that Anastasia may, indeed, have survived
  • Diary entries made by Nicholas and Alexandra during their captivity
  • Revelations of how the Romanovs were betrayed by trusted servants
  • A reconstruction of daily life among the prisoners at Ipatiev House
  • Strong evidence that the Romanovs were not brutalized by their captors
  • Statements from admitted participants in the murders
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons
Book Published: September, 2003
The Flight of the Romanovs: A Family Saga
by John Curtis Perry, Constantine V. Pleshakov
Book Description: The most comprehensive history yet of the last years of Russia's imperial family. A saga of love and lust, personal tensions and rivalries, antagonisms and hatreds, The Flight of the Romanovs describes the last century of the Russian imperial dynasty-a century that saw the greatest social and political upheavals in all of recorded history. Drawing upon a wealth of untapped resources from Russian, British, and American archives, including unpublished diaries of many of the principal characters and never-before-published photographs, Perry and Pleshakov render an indelible portrait of a family and their time, from the youth of Alexander III in the 1860s to the death, one hundred years later, of his daughter Olga Alexandrovna, the last Grand Duchess.Set against the backdrop of this most cataclysmic century, The Flight of the Romanovs is a must-read for anyone interested in this fascinating dynasty, Russian history, and the history of European royalty. 
Paperback: 448 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 8.02 x 5.29 
Publisher: Basic Books; (February 5, 2001) 
ISBN: 0465024637 

The Lost Fortune of the Tsars
by William Clarke
Paperback: 312 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.92 x 9.20 x 6.09
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; Reprint edition (November 1996)
ISBN: 0312146728

The Last Diary of Tsaritsa Alexandra
by Alexandra, edited by Vladimir M. Khrustalev et al.
The last Tsaritsa of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna, was murdered with her family on the night of 16-17 July 1918 by agents acting on behalf of the revolutionary Bolshevik government. The recently declassified 1918 diary of Alexandra-published here for the first time in its entirety-provides something no other account could do: a glimpse of the Tsaritsa`s thoughts and activities from 1 January 1918 until the night of her death. The introduction by Robert Massie places Alexandra in the historical...
Publisher: Yale Univ Pr; (October 1997)

The Last Empress: The Life and Times of Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarina of Russia
by Greg King
Publisher: Replica Books; Reprint edition (October 2001)

The Last Grand Duchess
by Ian Vorres
Book Description When she died in exile in 1960, Olga Alexandrovna was the last Grand Duchess of Russia, the favorite sister of Czar Nicholas II who was executed with his wife and five children during the Revolution. Born in splendor difficult to imagine today, she endured a lifetime of relentless tragedy with courage and exceptional powers of adjustment. 

The Last Grand Duchess is a valuable account of the final decades of the house of Romanov as seen through the eyes of its last surviving member. Through Olga, we meet Queen Victoria, George V of England, Rasputin, Mrs. Anderson - on whose story the movie Anastasia was made - and other impostors who plagued the exiled duchess with false hope. 

In this official memoir, Ian Vorres captures the loneliness and violence of Olga's years in Russia, her loveless first marriage to Prince Peter of Oldenburg, her years of exile in England and Denmark, and her final settlement with her second husband and family in Canada.

Long out of print, and now reissued in a handsomely illustrated edition, The Last Grand Duchess is the thorough and engaging official biography of an extraordinary woman.
Paperback: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 9.38 x 7.62 
Publisher: Key Porter Books; Revised edition (October 2001) 
ISBN: 1552633020 
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The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II
by Edvard Radzinskii, Marian Schwartz (Translator)
Publisher: Anchor; Reprint edition (July 1993)

Little Mother of Russia: A Biography of Empress Marie Fedorovna (1847-1928)
by Coryne Hall
A biography of Empress Marie Feodorovna, daughter of the king of Denmark and consort of Czar Alexander III. Db.
Hardcover: 402 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.25 x 6.50 
Publisher: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc.; (October 2001) 
ISBN: 0841914214 

Michael and Natasha: The Life and Love of Michael II, the Last of the Romanov Tsars
by Rosemary Crawford, Donald Crawford
(Paperback - February 2000)

Nicholas II: The Interrupted Transition
by Helene Carrere D'Encausse, George Holoch (Translator)
Publisher: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc.; (March 2000)
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Nicholas II: The Life and Reign of Russia's Last Monarch
by Robert D. Warth (Author)
Book Description: This book is a scholarly, comprehensive, and critical biography of Nicholas II from his birth in 1868 to his execution in 1918. It features a chronological narrative emphasizing the political aspects of the Tsar's reign rather than details from his personal life--although new information about his life is revealed. Nicholas II is portrayed as a conscientious and reasonably intelligent ruler whose reign was marred by inept statesmanship and a stubborn determination to uphold the autocratic tradition of the Romanov dynasty even though he was forced to grant major political concessions in 1905. His imprudent foreign policy in East Asia precipitated a losing war with Japan. But a more cautious policy in Europe nevertheless involved Russia in a far greater conflict in 1914 that resulted in enormous casualties, economic hardship, and the collapse of the monarchy in 1917. As an individual, Nicholas was gentle and benevolent (except towards political dissidents) and proved to be a good husband and father. The serenity of his family life was disrupted by his son and heir's hemophilia, and the ensuing Rasputin scandal impaired the Tsar's image and contributed to his unpopularity. A final chapter examines his legacy and provides a theory of revolutionary causation.
Publisher: Praeger Publishers; (November 1997)

Nicholas II: Last of the Tsars
by Marc Ferro, Brian Pearce (Translator)
Book Description: One of the world's preeminent historians, Marc Ferro is a leading member of the Annales School of France and a recognized authority on early twentieth-century European history. For well over two decades, in volumes such as The February Revolution of 1917 and October 1917, he has demonstrated an unsurpassed skill in capturing the social and political forces that led to the Russian Revolution. Now Ferro turns his considerable talents to the biography of one of the pivotal figures of that era,...
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (January 1995)

Nicholas II: Twilight of the Empire
by D. C. B. Lieven
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; Reprint edition (July 1996)

Nicholas and Alexandra
Nicholas and Alexandra
by Robert K. Massie
Regarded as the classic work on the subject. Highly recommended. Db.
Paperback: 624 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.39 x 8.25 x 5.54 
Ballantine Books (Trd Pap); ISBN: 0345438310; (February 1, 2000)
Once a Grand Duchess: Xenia, Sister of Nicholas II
by John Van Der Kiste, Coryne Hall
Hardcover: 268 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 9.64 x 6.12
Publisher: Sutton Publishing; (September 2002)
ISBN: 0750927496

The Quest for Anastasia: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Romanovs
by Helen Mingay (Contributor), John Klier
Publisher: Birch Lane Pr; (September 1997)

Queen Victoria's Gene
by D. M. Potts and W. T. W. Potts
Listed under Queen Victoria

The Romanovs 1818-1959: Alexander II of Russia and His Family
by John Van Der Kiste
Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.00 x 5.00 
Publisher: Sutton Publishing; (April 2004) 
ISBN: 075093459X 

The Romanovs: The Final Chapter
by Robert K. Massie
Paperback from Ballantine Books
Book Published: 01 October, 1996
Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias
by W. Bruce Lincoln

The Romanovs: Love, Power & Tragedy
by A. N. Bokhanov et al.
Hardcover: 321 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.24 x 12.23 x 9.48
Publisher: Bookworld Services; (March 1997)
ISBN: 095216440X

Royal Russia: From the James Blair Lovell Archive
by Carol Townend, James Blair Lovell
Hardcover: 124 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 11.69 x 9.12
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; (January 1998)
ISBN: 0312179367

To Save Russia: The Reincarnation of Nicholas II
by Donald Norsic, Elizabeth Pasco (Editor), Rodney Charles (Editor)
Paperback: 440 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.75 x 5.50
Publisher: Sunstar Pub Ltd; (January 1998)
ISBN: 1887472355

The Secret Plot to Save the Tsar: The Truth Behind the Romanov Mystery
by Shay McNeal
Hardcover: 368 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 9.24 x 6.38
Publisher: William Morrow & Co; (October 22, 2002)
ISBN: 0688169988

The Shadow of the Winter Palace: Russia's Drift to Revolution, 1825-1917
by Edward Crankshaw
(Paperback - April 2000)

Thirteen Years at the Russian Court
by Pierre Gilliard
Hardcover: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 9.75 x 6.50
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub; (June 1970)
ISBN: 0405030290

Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra
by Peter Kurth, Peter Christopher (Photographer)
Paperback: 230 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 11.55 x 10.96
Publisher: Back Bay Books; (November 1998)
ISBN: 0316557889

The Tsar's Last Armada: The Epic Voyage to the Battle of Tsushima
by Constantin Pleshakov, et al
Listed under The Russo-Japanese War

The Fall of the Russian Monarchy
by Bernard Pares
ISBN: 1842121146
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