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Afrikakorps, 1941-1943: The Libya Egypt Campaign
by Francois De Lannoy, Francois de Lannoy 
Listed under Afrika Korps

The Bedouin of Cyrenaica: Studies in Personal and Corporate Power (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology, 72)
by Emrys L. Peters, et al
(Hardcover -- March 1991)

El Dorado Canyon: Reagan's Undeclared War With Qaddafi
by Joseph T. Stanik
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.
Book Published: December, 2002

Libya and the United States: Two Centuries of Strife
by Ronald Bruce St. John
(Hardcover -- June 2002)

The Rants Raves and Thoughts of Moammer Khadafy: The Dictator in His Own Words and Those of Others (Rants Raves and Thoughts)
by Julian Smith (Editor)
(Paperback -- March 1, 2002)

The Making of Modern Libya: State Formation, Colonization, and Resistance, 1830-1932 (Suny Series in the Social and Economic History of the Middle E)
by Ali Abdullatif Ahmida
Paperback from State Univ of New York Pr
Book Published: August, 2000
Libya Since Independence: Oil and State-Building
Libya Since Independence: Oil and State-Building
by Dirk Vandewalle
Paperback: 232 pages
Cornell Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801485355; (July 1998)
Libya: Current Issues and Historical Background
by Steven Bianci
Hardcover from Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
Book Published: June, 2003

Libya: The Struggle for Survival
by Geoff Simons, Tam Dalyell
(Hardcover -- June 1993)

Qaddafi's Libya, 1969-1994
by Dirk Vandewalle (Editor)
(Hardcover -- October 1995)

Change Within Tradition Among Jewish Women in Libya
by Rachel Simon
(Hardcover -- September 1992)

Jewish Life in Muslim Libya: Rivals and Relatives
by Harvey E. Goldberg
Paperback: University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226300927; (July 1990)

Libya: The Political Economy of Oil (Political Economy of Oil-Exporting Countries, 4)
by Judith Gurney
(Hardcover -- November 1996)

The Lost Oasis: The Desert War and the Hunt for Zerzura
by Saul Kelly
Listed under Western Desert WWII

The Making of a Pariah State: The Adventurist Politics of Muammar Qaddafi
by Martin Sicker
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers
Book Published: April, 1987

With Rommel's Army in Libya
by Laszlo Almasy
Listed under Afrika Korps

Egypt and Libya from Inside, 1969-1976: The Qaddafi Revolution and the Eventual Break in Relations, by the Former Egyptian Ambassador to Libya
by Salah El Saadany, Mohamed M. El-Behairy (Translator)
(Library Binding -- May 1994)

Historical Dictionary of Libya
by Ronald Bruce St. John, Ronald B. St John 
(Hardcover - July 1998)

Libya Since the Revolution: Aspects of Social and Political Development
by Mary Jane Deeb, Marius Deeb
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers
Book Published: June, 1982
Availability: Special Order

The Libyan Revolution
by I.M. Arif, M.O. Ansell 

The Libyan Arena: The United States, Britain, and the Council of Foreign Ministers, 1945-1948 (American Diplomatic History)
by Scott L. Bills, Shirley Bills 
(Hardcover - March 1997)

Libya's Qaddafi: The Politics of Contradiction
by Mansour O. El-Kikhia
Paperback from University Press of Florida
Book Published: February, 1998

Piracy and Diplomacy in Seventeenth-Century North Africa: The Journal of Thomas Baker, English Consul in Tripoli, 1677-1685
by C.R. Pennell (Editor), Thomas Baker 
(Hardcover - May 1989)

Ptolemais: City of the Libyan Pentapolis
by Carl H. Kraeling
Hardcover: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226621936; (March 1963)

South from Barbary: Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara
South from Barbary: Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara
by Justin Marozzi
Paperback from HarperCollins UK
Book Published: August, 2003
Italo-Turkish Diplomacy and the War over Libya, 1911-1912 (Social Economic, and Political Studies of the Middle East No, 42)
by Timothy W. Childs, Timothy Winston Childs 
(Hardcover - August 1997)
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Concise Bibliography of Northern Chad and Fezzan in Southern Libya
by Mohamed A. Alawar
Out of Print - Try Used Books/font>

Mad Dogs: The U.S. Raids on Libya
by Mary Kaldor, E.P. Thompson (Editor)
(Paperback -- May 1986)
Out of Print - Try Used Books/font>

Jews in an Arab Land: Libya, 1835-1970
by Renzo De Felice
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Libya: The Lost Cities of the Roman Empire
by Antonio Di Vita, et al
An archeological text on the buried cities of the Libyan desert, 7th century B.C. to circa 4th century A.D., accompanied by some of the finest photographs of Roman ruins extant. Db.
(Hardcover -- February 1999)
Out of Print - Try Used Books/font>

Pyramids and Poppies: The 1st Sa Infantry Brigade in Libya, France, and Flanders, 1915-1919
by Peter K. A. Digby
(Hardcover -- January 1993)
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