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19th Century USA

Boss Tweed's New York
by Seymour J. Mandelbaum
(Paperback -- 1990)

Closing the Gate: Race, Politics, and the Chinese Exclusion Act
by Andrew Gyory
(Paperback -- November 1998)

Dear Brother: Letters of William Clark to Jonathan Clark
by William Clark, et al
Listed under Lewis & Clark

Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural
by Ronald C., Jr. White
Listed under Lincoln

The Metaphysical Club : A Story of Ideas in America
by Louis Menand
(Hardcover -- May 2001)

What Kind of Nation: Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States
by James F. Simon
(Hardcover -- March 2002)

John Adams
by David McCullough
Listed under John Adams

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
by Gary Kinder
Listed under Shipwrecks

The Johnstown Flood
by David McCullough
Listed under Pennsylvania History

Democracy in America
by Alexis De Tocqueville, Richard D. Heffner (Editor)
(Mass Market Paperback -- September 5, 2001)

Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1865-1869
by Stephen E. Ambrose
Listed under American Railroads

Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon
by Edward Dolnick
Listed under John Wesley Powell

Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt
by David McCullough
Winner of the 1982 National Book Award for Biography
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
by Edward Steers Jr.
Listed under Lincoln Assassination

In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
by Nathaniel Philbrick
Listed under Whaling

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself
by Harriet A. Jacobs, et al
(Paperback -- March 10, 2000)

Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors
by Stephen E. Ambrose
Listed under Custer

Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers
by Robert Marshall Utley
Listed under Texas Rangers

Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad
by Jacqueline L. Tobin, et al
Hidden in Plain View is a multilayered and unique piece of scholarship, oral history, and cultural exploration that reveals slaves as deliberate agents in their own quest for freedom even as it shows that history can sometimes be found where you least expect it...
Listed under Slavery

Sacagawea's Nickname: Essays on the American West
by Larry McMurtry
(Hardcover -- November 9, 2001)

On Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of My Chinese-American Family
by Lisa See
(Paperback -- September 1996)

A Thread Across the Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Trans Atlantic Cable
by John Steele Gordon
(Hardcover -- June 2002)

Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend
by Casey Tefertiller
Listed under Wyatt Earp

Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915 (The Everyday Life in America Series, Vol. 4)
by Thomas J. Schlereth
(Paperback -- July 1992)

The Robber Barons (Harvest Book)
by Matthew Josephson
(Paperback -- June 1962)

Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West
by William Cronon
(Paperback -- May 1992)

Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle: The Little Big Horn Reexamined
by Richard Allan, Jr Fox, W. Raymond Wood
Listed under Custer

Daniel Webster: The Man and His Time
Daniel Webster: The Man and His Time
by Robert Vincent Remini
Hardcover from W.W. Norton & Company
Book Published: October, 1997
The Great Triumvirate: Webster, Clay, and Calhoun
The Great Triumvirate: Webster, Clay, and Calhoun
by Merrill D. Peterson
Paperback from Oxford Univ Pr on Demand
Book Published: January, 2002
Daniel Webster, the Completest Man
Daniel Webster, the Completest Man
by Kenneth E. Shewmaker et al.
Paperback from Dartmouth College
Book Published: June, 1993
Daniel Webster, Defender of the Union (Sowers Series)
by Robert A. Allen
Paperback from Mott Media
Book Published: December, 1989

The Great Speeches and Orations of Daniel Webster
Paperback from Beard Books
Book Published: June, 2001
Empire by Default: The Spanish-American War and the Dawn of the American Century
by Ivan Musicant
Listed under The Spanish-American War

Families of Fortune: Life in the Gilded Age
by Alexis Gregory, John Kenneth Galbraith
(Paperback -- September 2001)

The Spanish War: An American Epic--1898
by George J. A. O'Toole
Listed under The Spanish-American War

The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie, 1850-1896
by Sven Beckert
(Hardcover -- April 2001)

Fifth Avenue: The Best Address
by Jerry E. Patterson
(Hardcover -- May 1998)

Trolley Wars: Streetcar Workers on the Line
by Scott Molloy
(Hardcover -- January 1996)

Conduct Unbecoming a Woman: Medicine on Trial in Turn-Of-The-Century Brooklyn
by Regina Morantz-Sanchez
(Paperback -- October 2000)

The Mauve Decade: American Life at the End of the Nineteenth Century
by Thomas Beer
(Paperback -- November 1997)

Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail
by Theodore Roosevelt, Frederic Remington (Illustrator)
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

Showplace of America: Cleveland's Euclid Avenue, 1850-1910
by Jan Cigliano
Listed under Ohio History

The Sea Shall Embrace Them: The Tragic Story of the Steamship Arctic
by David W. Shaw
Listed under Shipwrecks

Streets, Railroads, and the Great Strike of 1877 (Historical Studies of Urban America)
by David O. Stowell
(Hardcover -- July 1999)

Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
by Stephen E. Ambrose
Listed under Lewis & Clark

The Websters: Letters of an American Army Family in Peace and War, 1836-1853
by Frances Marvin Smith Webster, Van R. Baker (Editor)
Book Description: When Lucien Webster, West Point graduate and artilleryman, met Frances Smith, granddaughter of a Connecticut Revolutionary War hero, in Florida, neither could anticipate how exciting and stressful their lives would be over the next 17 years. 

The couple was barely married before being separated by orders that sent Lucien Þrst to south Florida, where he established a post on the site of present-day Miami, and then to North Carolina, where he participated in the army’s sad duty of driving the Cherokee Indians onto their “trail of tears.” When finally reunited, the newlyweds were posted to duty in Maine for seven years and then Pensacola Bay for a few months while Lucien’s unit prepared for the imminent war with Mexico. For the next two years Frances and Lucien’s letters were filled with the details of their lives. 

The Websters has the rare distinction of containing both sides of a correspondence between an “Old Army” officer and his socially prominent wife, one that reflects both their private lives and many of the public events of the times and that interweaves their responses to one another’s experiences. 
(Hardcover - June 2000)

The Agrarian Crusade: A Chronicle of the Farmer in Politics
by Solon J. Buck
(Paperback -- December 2001)
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