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Ace Technical Pilot Interview
by Gary V. Bristow
Paperback from Tab Books
Book Published: 01 May, 2002

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
by Robert Coram
Hardcover from Imported Little, Brown USA titles
Book Published: 03 April, 2003

Microlight Pilot's Handbook (Airlife Pilot's Handbooks)
by Brian Cosgrove
Paperback from The Crowood Press
Book Published: December, 2001
Supersonic Secrets: The Unofficial Biography of the Concorde
by Rob Lewis, Edwin Lewis
Paperback from Expose
Book Published: 01 December, 2003
The Southwest Airlines Way: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance
by Jody Hoffer Gittell PhD
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Education
Book Published: 01 December, 2002
Stick and Rudder: Explanation of the Art of Flying
by Wolfgang Langewiesche
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Education
Book Published: September, 1990
Helicopter Pilot's Manual: Principles of Flight, Basic Handling and Advanced Techniques
by Norman Bailey
Paperback from The Crowood Press
Book Published: September, 1996
The Vital Guide to Commercial Aircraft (Vital Guide)
by Robert Hewson
Hardcover from The Crowood Press
Book Published: September, 1998

Cessna 172: A Pilot's Guide (The Pilot's Guide Series)
by Jeremy M. Pratt
Paperback from Airplan Flight Equipment
Book Published: July, 1993

United Kingdom Air Traffic Control: A Layman's Guide
by Dave Graves
Paperback from Airlife Publishing
Book Published: January, 1998

No Landing Place: Guide to Aircraft Crashes in Snowdonia
by Edward Doylerush
Paperback from Midland Publishing
Book Published: October, 1985

UK Airports and Airfields: A Spotter's Guide
by Tim Laming
Paperback from The Crowood Press
Book Published: 16 March, 2000

Flyboys: A True Story of Courage
by James Bradley
Hardcover from Little Brown & Company
Book Published: 30 September, 2003

British Secret Projects: Jet Bombers Since 1949
by Tony Butler
Hardcover from Aerofax Midland Pub Ltd
Book Published: July, 2003

Air Force One: The Aircraft that Shaped the Modern Presidency
by Von Hardesty, Bob Schieffer
Hardcover from NorthWord Press
Book Published: 01 October, 2003

Introduction to Airborne Radar
by George W. Stimson
Hardcover from Scitech Publishing
Book Published: 01 January, 1998
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
by John D., Jr. Anderson
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Book Published: 02 January, 2001
Rocket Propulsion Elements, 7th Edition
by George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Book Published: 15 December, 2000
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight: Official Strategies & Secrets
by Doug Radcliffe, Andy Mahood
Paperback from Sybex
Book Published: 08 July, 2003
Flying Through Time: A Journey into History in a WWII Biplane
by Jim Doyle
Hardcover - December 2002

Slipping the Surly Bonds: Great Quotations on Flight
by Dave English
Hardcover: 198 pages
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0070220166; (May 1, 1998)

Adventures of the Iditarod Air Force: True Stories About the Pilots Who Fly for Alaska's Famous Sled Dog Race
by Ted Mattson, Sandy Jamieson (Illustrator)
Listed under Iditarod

Paragliding: The Complete Guide
by Noel Whittall
Listed under Paragliding

Flight Discipline
by Tony T. Kern
(Hardcover -- February 1, 1998)

Griffon-Powered Mustangs (Raceplane Tech Series, Vol 1)
by A. Kevin Grantham, et al
Listed under Air Racing

Otter & Twin Otter : The Universal Airplanes
by Sean Rossiter 
(Hardcover - March 1999)

Aviation Year by Year
by Bill Gunston (Editor)

The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Used Airplanes
by Bill Clarke
Listed under Aircraft Ownership

Theory and Design of Air Cushion Craft
by Yun Liang, Alan Biaut
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Binding: Hardcover
October 11, 1999
ISBN: 0470236213
Out of Print

Airplane Stability and Control
by Malcolm J. Abzug (Author), E. Eugene Larrabee (Author)
Publication date: August 15, 2002
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0521809924

Wings of Madness: Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight
by Paul Hoffman
Listed under Aviation Pioneers

The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction
The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction
by Gregory M. Penglis
Paperback from Rainbow Books, Inc.
Book Published: July, 1994

No Visible Horizon: Surviving the World's Most Dangerous Sport
by Joshua Ramo
Listed under Aerobatics

Airline Pilot Technical Interviews: A Study Guide
by Ronald D. McElroy, Pam Ryan, Benson Communications
Listed under Professional Aviation

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