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Pressure Airships
by Thomas L Blakemore, W Watters Pagon, Adam Starchild
Print on Demand (Paperback) from University Press of the Pacific
Book Published: 18 March, 2003

Rassegna: Airships
by S. Brandolini
Paperback from Birkhauser Verlag AG
Book Published: 1996

British Airships: Past, Present and Future
by George Whale
Print on Demand (Hardcover) from
Book Published: 11 February, 2002

Airships in International Affairs, 1890-1940
by John Duggan, Henry Cord Meyer
(Hardcover - December 2001)

The Airship: Its Design, History, Operations and Future
by Christopher Sprigg, Adam Starchild
Paperback - 258 pages (July 2001)
Lightning Source; ISBN: 0898753651 

By Airship to the North Pole : An Archaeology of Human Exploration
P. J. Capelotti
The first two attempts to reach this remote and frigid outpost by air are examined, starting with a failed 1897 attempt by Swedish engineer Salomon August Andre who history has dubbed as either a lunatic or an idiot: his balloon needed to stay up for a month, but would only hold enough hydrogen gas for a few days. It disappeafred forever, as did he and two crew. Db.
Hardcover - 224 pages (September 1999)
Rutgers Univ Press; ISBN: 0813526337

Airship Technology (Cambridge Aerospace Series, 10)
G. A. Khoury(Editor), J. David Gillett (Editor)
Hardcover - 400 pages (April 1999)
Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521430747

Battlebags : British Airships of the First World War an Illustrated History
by Ces Mowthorpe
Synopsis: Affectionately named "battlebags" by their crews and "pigs" by the local civilian inhabitants, Royal Navy Air Service airships were a familiar sight around Britains's shores. At least 226 airships of all types were built and operated by the Royal Navy during the war in a bid to beat the deadly German U-boat menace. This book describes the development of the airship in the years leading up to World War I and the part it was destined to play in the years that followed. The background to each class is given together with details of individual airships, including where they were built and stationed, their crews and technical information. 
Paperback - 256 pages (April 1998)
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750915188

Battlebags: British Airships of the First World War: An Illustrated History
by Ces Mowthorpe
Paperback from Sutton Publishing
Book Published: August, 1998

by Darlene R. Stille
Paperback from Children's Book Press
Book Published: September, 1997

Disaster at the Pole : The Tragedy of the Airship Italia and the 1928 Nobile Expedition to the North Pole
by Wilbur Cross
Hardcover - 316 pages (September 2000)
The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1585740497

The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed
by John McPhee

Since the explosion of the Hindenburg in Lakehurst, New Jersey, energy-efficient, lighter-than-air ships have given way to gas-guzzling jet aircraft. But in the 1960s, an unusual band of inventors, engineers and investors, again in New Jersey, created the Aereon, a strange, wingless hybrid airplane/dirigible. The Aereon--the Deltoid Pumpkin Seed-- promised to be a safe workhorse of the skies, capable of carrying the payload of entire freight trains with minimal cost. 

In this exquisitely crafted tale of back-to-the-drawing-board perseverance, McPhee tells the story not only of the Aereon, but of any product development team. He astutely delineates the team members' personalities and interactions, delves back in time to the origins of lighter-than-air craft and the history of propellers, and in the end, makes us wonder why this promising technology hasn't been perfected. Like Aramis: Or the Love of Technology, this is a splendid book about a potentially superior aircraft which has yet to be adopted.
Paperback (May 1981)
Noonday Pr; ISBN: 0374516359 

The Great Texas Airship Mystery
Wallace Chariton, et al 
Between 1896-1897, Texas was churning with reports of a cigar-shaped airship ...
Hardcover / Published 1991

The Great Dirigibles : Their Triumphs and Disasters
by John Toland
Paperback revised edition (June 1972)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486213978

Hot Air Balloons : Flights of Fancy and Fantasy
by Ailsa Spindler, Clive McFadden
Hardcover - 80 pages (December 1999)
Todtri Productions Ltd; ISBN: 1577171594

Inside the Hindenburg
by Mireille Majoor, Ken Marschall (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover - 32 pages (November 2000)
Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd); ISBN: 0316123862

Lighter Than Air : Illustrated History of the Development of Hot Air Balloons and Airships
by David Owen
Hardcover - 160 pages (September 1999)
Book Sales; ISBN: 0785810455 

Man Flies : The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont, Master of the Balloon, Conqueror of the Air
by Nancy Winters
(Hardcover - September 1998)

My Airships
My Airships
by Alberto Santos-Dumont, Adam Starchild
Paperback from University Press of the Pacific
Book Published: December, 2002

Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships; Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg
Harold G. Dick, Douglas H. Robinson (Contributor)
Listed under Zeppelins

From Airship to Spaceship : Long Island in Aviation and Spaceflight
Joshua Stoff 
Hardcover / Published 1991

Dr. Eckener's Dream Machine : The Great Zeppelin and the Dawn of Air Travel
by Douglas Botting
Listed under Zeppelins

The Hindenburg
by Patrick O'Brien
(School & Library Binding - October 2000)

The Hindenburg (Great Disasters and Their Reforms)
by Gina De Angelis

The Hindenburg Disaster: Doomed Airship (American Disasters)
by Victoria Sherrow

The Hindenburg: Fiery Crash of a German Airship (Disaster!)
by Kathleen W. Deady

R101 : The Airship Disaster, 1930
by Tim Coates (Editor)
(Paperback - April 2001)

USS Los Angeles: The Navy's Venerable Airship and Aviation Technology
by William F. Althoff
Book Description: Aviation historian William Althoff tells the story of the U.S. Navy’s airship, USS Los Angeles, the most successful aircraft of its type ever flown. In dramatic detail, Althoff recounts how the U.S. Navy arranged for the famed German Zeppelin Company to build the ship, thwarted schemes by the U.S. Army’s Air Service to take control of it, and helped plan its record-breaking historic four-day flight from Germany to the United States. After years of experiments meant to determine its military and commercial application, the airship ultimately failed to command a consensus in the Navy. "Relegated to a lower tier," Althoff writes, "the rigid type receded to marginal relevance until, on the eve of World War Two, it vanished altogether." In this book, the early achievements and unceremonious demise of the Los Angeles after a long career symbolize the airship’s unfulfilled promise. Nonetheless, the operational record of this one machine altered American naval aeronautics and greatly influenced transoceanic commercial air transport during a critical period of its development. 
Hardcover from Brasseys, Inc.
Book Published: December, 2003
The Wellman Polar Airship Expeditions
P.J. Capelotti 
In 1993, an expedition to Danes Island in Svalbard discovered the wrecks of Walter Wellman's polar airships, used on his attempted flights to the Pole in 1906, 1907, and 1909.
Paperback - 118 pages 1 edition (July 7, 1997)
Norwegian Polar Institute (Norway)/Pictorial Histories (USA); ISBN: 8276661270

Zeppelin: Rigid Airships 1893-1940
by Peter Brooks
Listed under Zeppelins

When Giants Roamed the Sky: Karl Arnstein and the Rise of Airships from Zeppelin to Goodyear
by Dale Topping, Eric Brothers, A. Dale Topping
Hardcover from University of Akron Press
Book Published: 01 November, 2000
Special Order

American Airship Bases & Facilities
James R. Shock
Paperback / Published 1995 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Dirigible and the Future
Henry Ambes
Paperback / Published 1981
Out of Print - Try Used Books

U.S.S. Los Angeles : Navy's Venerable Airship & Aviation Technology
by William F. Althoff
(Hardcover - December 2001)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Did W.D. Custead Fly First? : The Story of W.D. Custead of Elm Mott- Waco, Texas - Airship Builder Before the Wrights Flew
Nick Pocock
Paperback / Published 1974 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Sky Ships : A History of the Airship in the United States Navy
William A. Althoff
Paperback / Published 1998
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Airmen Who Would Not Die
John Fuller
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Airship Technology
by Gabriel A. Khoury (Editor), J. David Gillett (Editor)
(Hardcover - April 1999)
Out of Print

R100 : Her Voyage to Canada
Barry Countryman
Hardcover / Published 1982 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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