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Phil Aynsely Photography
Phil Aynsely Photography
Phil has thousands of quality photographs posted on his site featuring Ducati, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta and numerous other marques. An index to his site is available here: Phil Aynsely's Motorcycle Photos

The Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean Production
by James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones, Daniel Roos
Paperback from HarperBusiness
Book Published: 01 November, 1991

Operations Management (Automotive Service Management S.)
by Mitch Schneider
Paperback from Delmar
Book Published: 30 May, 2003

Qualitative Choice Analysis: Theory, Econometrics and an Application to Automobile Demand
by Kenneth Train
Hardcover from The MIT Press
Book Published: May, 1986

Taking the Wheel: Autoparts Firms and the Political Economy of Industrialization in Brazil
by Caren Addis
Paperback from Penn State University Press
Book Published: January, 1999

Militancy, Market Dynamics and Workplace Authority: Struggle Over Labor Process Outcomes in the U.S. Automobile Industry, 1946-73 (SUNY Series in American Labor History)
by James R. Zetka
Unknown Binding from State University of New York Press
Book Published: 04 November, 1994

Car: A Drama of the American Workplace
by Mary Walton
Paperback from W.W. Norton
Book Published: 01 February, 1999

Sloan Rules: Alfred P.Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors
by David R. Farber
Hardcover from University of Chicago Press
Book Published: 01 October, 2002

100 Years of Harley Davidson
by Willie G. Davidson
Listed under Harley-Davidson
After Lean Production : Evolving Employment Practices in the World Auto Industry
After Lean Production : Evolving Employment Practices in the World Auto Industry
by Thomas A. Kochan (Editor), Russell D. Lansbury (Editor), John Paul Macduffie (Editor)
Paperback - 352 pages (September 1997)
Ilr Pr; ISBN: 0801484138

The Aviation Legacy of Henry & Edsel Ford
by Timothy J. O'Callaghan
Listed under Henry Ford
The Critical Path: Inventing an Automobile and Reinventing a Corporation
The Critical Path: Inventing an Automobile and Reinventing a Corporation
by Brock W. Yates
from Little Brown & Company
ISBN: 0316967084
Chrysler : The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius
by Vincent Curcio 
Paperback: 720 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.85 x 9.24 x 6.76 
Publisher: Oxford University Press; (October 2001)
ISBN: 0195147057 
Driven : Inside BMW, the Most Admired Car Company in the World
by David Kiley
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons
Book Published: March, 2004
Jack: Straight from the Gut
by Jack Welch, John A. Byrne
Hardcover - 496 pages (September 11, 2001)
Warner Books; ISBN: 0446528382

On the Line at Subaru-Isuzu : The Japanese Model and the American Worker
by Laurie Graham
Paperback - 169 pages (June 1995)
Ilr Pr; ISBN: 0875463460

Farewell to the Factory : Auto Workers in the Late Twentieth Century
by Ruth Milkman
Paperback - 248 pages (May 1997)
Univ California Press; ISBN: 0520206789

Comeback; The Rise and Fall of the American Automobile Industry
by Paul Ingrassia, Joseph B. White (Contributor)
Paperback - 16 pages (October 1995)
Touchstone Press; ISBN: 0684804379

Behind the Wheel at Chrysler : The Iacocca Legacy
by Doron P. Levin
Hardcover - 354 pages 1 Ed edition (August 1995)
Harvest Books; ISBN: 0151117039

Glory Days : When Horsepower and Passion Ruled Detroit
by Jim Wangers, Paul Zazarine (Editor)
Paperback - 384 pages (October 1998)
Robert Bentley; ISBN: 0837602084

Iacocca : An Autobiography
by Lee Iacocca, William Novak
Paperback Rei edition (July 1986)
Bantam Books; ISBN: 0553251473

Iron Fist : The Lives of Carl Kiekhaefer
by Jeffrey L. Rodengen
Hardcover - 640 pages (February 1, 1990)
Write Stuff Syndicate; ISBN: 0945903049

The Legend of Mercury
by Jeffrey L. Rodengen, et al
Hardcover: 207 pages
Write Stuff; ISBN: 0945903235; (March 10, 1999)

The Global Manufacturing Vanguard : New Rules from the Industry Elite
by Micheline Maynard
Hardcover - 256 pages (May 1998)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471180238

Made in Korea : Chung Ju Yung and the Rise of Hyundai
Richard M. Steers
Hardcover - October 1998

My Years With General Motors
by Alfred P. Sloan
Paperback - 472 pages Reissue edition (February 1996)
Doubleday; ISBN: 0385042353

Just Another Car Factory? : Lean Production and Its Discontents
by James Rinehart, Christopher Huxley (Contributor), David Robertson (Contributor)
Paperback - 232 pages (June 1997)
Cornell Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801484073

Team Toyota : Transplanting the Toyota Culture to the Camry Plant in Kentucky (Suny Series in the Sociology of Work)
by Terry L. Besser
Paperback - 199 pages (December 1996)
State Univ of New York Pr; ISBN: 0791431460

Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production
by Taiichi Ohno
Ohno is the creator of the Just-In-Time system.
Listed under Automotive Engineering

Wheels and Deals : The Motor Vehicle Industry in Twentieth Century Australia (Modern Economic and Social History Series)
by Robert Conlon, John Perkins
Ashgate Publishing Company
Hardcover (September 2001)

Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress, 1903-2003
by Douglas Brinkley
Listed under Henry Ford

Innovating With Infrastructure : The Automobile Industry in India
by Sumila Gulyani
(Hardcover - September 2001)

Getting the Bugs Out: The Rise, Fall, and Comeback of Volkswagen in America
by David Kiley
Hardcover: 256 pages
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471403938; 1st edition (October 12, 2001)

Making and Selling Cars : Innovation and Change in the U.S. Automotive Industry
by James M. Rubenstein
(Hardcover - December 2001)

Sports Sponsorship and Brand Development : The Suburu and Jaguar Stories
by Martin Beck-Burridge, Jeremy Walton
(Hardcover - November 2001)

Kawasaki U.S.A. Transfering Japanese Production Methods to the United States : A Case Study
Robert W. Hall
Paperback (June 1982)
Amer Production & Inventory Control Society
ISBN: 0935406077
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