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African Rock Art : Paintings and Engravings on Stone
by David Coulson, Alec Campbell
(Hardcover - May 2001)

Dawn of Art : The Chauvet Cave: The Oldest Known Paintings in the World
by Jean-Marie Chauvet, et al
The 1990s have witnessed a sort of renaissance in cave art, thanks to new discoveries from the south of France. Previously, the oldest examples of human art were thought to have been painted 15,000 years ago. When these three spelunkers-turned-authors happened upon the Chauvet cave (named after one of them), however, they visited an underground art gallery that had been closed for 30,000 years. It's still inaccessible today, except to specialists. But this wonderful book of pictures and text allows virtual tourists to appreciate the creations of our remotest ancestors. This may be primitive art in the literal sense of the term, but it's remarkably sophisticated.
Hardcover (March 1996)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810932326 

Beyond Art : Pleistocene Image and Symbol (Wattis Symposium Series in Anthropology)
by Margaret W. Conkey (Editor), et al
(Paperback - November 1997)

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art (Cambridge Illustrated History)
by Paul G. Bahn, Desmond Morris
(Hardcover - February 1998)

The Cave of Lascaux : The Final Photographs
by Mario Ruspoli, Yves Coppens (Designer)
(Hardcover - May 1987)

Journey Through the Ice Age
by Paul G. Bahn, Jean Vertut (Photographer)
Hardcover: 240 pages
University of California Press; ISBN: 0520213068; (November 3, 1997)

Cave of Altamira
by Antonio Beltran (Editor), et al
This splendid volume offers a fresh look at one of the finest surviving works of Paleolithic art: the paintings in the cave of Altamira in northern Spain. Discovered in 1879, these vivid likenesses of horses, cattle, and bison seemed so fresh and "modern" that critics doubted their authenticity, and suspected an elaborate hoax. Only in 1905, with the first scholarly analysis of the works, were they finally accepted as Paleolithic art. Charts, maps, and descriptions guide readers through the... The Publisher
Hardcover: 180 pages
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810919893; (September 1999)

First Painter
by Kathryn Lasky, Rocco Baviera (Illustrator)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

A Guide to Rock Art Sites : Southern California and Southern Nevada
by David S. Whitley
Listed under American Rock Art

The Hunter's Vision: The Prehistoric Art of Zimbabwe
by Peter Garlake
Hardcover: ; University of Washington Press
ISBN: 029597480X; (July 1995)

Images in Stone: Southwest Rock Art
by David Muench (Photographer), Polly Schaafsma
Listed under American Rock Art

Prehistoric Textiles
by E. J. W. Barber

Landscapes Rock Art and the Dreaming World : Archaeology of Pre-Understanding (New Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology)
by David Bruno
Hardcover - 352 pages (July 15, 2001)
Continuum; ISBN: 0718502434 

The Shamans of Prehistory : Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves
by Jean Clottes, et al
Hardcover: 120 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.74 x 12.34 x 10.89 
Publisher: Harry N Abrams; (October 1998)
ISBN: 0810941821 

A Cosmos In Stone: Interpreting Religion and Society Through Rock Art
by J. David Lewis-Williams
Textbook Binding: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.83 x 9.22 x 6.34
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; ISBN: 0759101965; (May 15, 2002)

Prehistoric Art: The Symbolic Journey of Humankind
by Randall White

The Cave of Lascaux: The Final Photographs
by Mario Ruspoli, Yves Coppens (Designer)
(Hardcover - May 1987)

The Cave Beneath the Sea: Paleolithic Images at Cosquer
by Jean Clottes, et al
(Hardcover - March 1996)

The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art
by David Lewis-Williams
(Hardcover - December 2002)

Prehistoric Art and Civilization (Discoveries)
by Denis Vialou
(Paperback - October 1998)

Africa's Vanishing Art: The Rock Paintings of Tanzania 
by Mary Douglas Leakey
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Prehistoric Rock Art of Galloway and the Isle of Man
by Ronald W. Morris
(Hardcover - November 1979)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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