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The Artist and His Model : 180 Drawings
Pablo Picasso
Paperback / Published 1994

The Artist, His Model, Her Image, His Gaze : Picasso's Pursuit of the Model
Karen L. Kleinfelder
Hardcover / Published 1993

Biography - Pablo Picasso: A Primitive Soul (2000) VHS
Listed under Movies: Art & Artists
The Essential Pablo Picasso
Ingrid Schaffner
Hardcover / Published 1999
A Life of Picasso 1881-1906
John Richardson, Marilyn McCully (Contributor)
Regarded by many as the best biography of the artist.
Paperback / Published 1996

Lost Body/Corps Perdu
Aime Cesaire, et al
Paperback / Published 1986

Making Modernism : Picasso and the Creation of the Market for Twentieth-Century Art
Michael C. Fitzgerald
Hardcover / Published 1995
Also in Paperback

Pablo Picasso
Hans Ludwig C. Jaffe
Hardcover / Published 1983

Pablo Picasso
Ibi Lepscky, Paolo Cardoni (Illustrator)
Describes the childhood of the famous artist, a moody and imaginative boy whose extraordinary talent was first recognized by his father.
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback Reprint edition (March 1993)
Barrons Juveniles; ISBN: 0812014502

Pablo Picasso (First Impressions Series)
John Beardsley
Hardcover / Published 1991

Pablo Picasso (Hispanics of Achievement)
John W. Selfridge
Library Binding / Published 1993

Pablo Picasso (Hispanos Notables)
John Selfridge
Library Binding / Published 1994

Pablo Picasso (Masters of Art)
Stephano Loria, et al
Library Binding / Published 1995

Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 : Genius of the Century (Basic Series)
Ingo F. Walther
One name in the history of the 20th century art stands out over all others: Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). As painter, graphic artist and sculptor, he displayed an inventive enterprise and innovative bravado that always kept him one step ahead of his contemporaries. As one of them, the painter Max Ernst, ruefully put it: "No one can touch Picasso. He is genius incarnate." The works selected here cover Picasso's entire output, from the less familiar to key masterpieces such as "Guernica", from the Blue and Rose Periods early in his career through his cubist and classicist phases and the formal experiments of the Thirties to his later involvement with politics in art. Blackwells Bookshop
Paperback: 96 pages
TASCHEN America Llc; ISBN: 3822896357; (June 1996)

Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'Avignon (Masterpieces of Western Painting)
by Pablo Picasso (Editor), Christopher Green (Editor)
(Hardcover - November 2001)

Pablo Picasso : 1881-1973
Carsten-Peter Warncke, Michael Hulse (Translator)
Hardcover / Published 1998

Pablo Picasso : A Modern Master
Richard Leslie
Hardcover / Published 1998

Pablo Picasso : Postcard Book (Postcard Books)
Listed under Postcards

Pablo Picasso : Posterbook
Paperback / Published 1996

Pablo Picasso : The Paris and Dinard Sketchbooks of 1928
Werner Spies
Hardcover / Published 1997

Pablo Ruiz Picasso : A Biography
by Patrick O'Brian
Penned in 1976 by the author of the highly acclaimed swashbuckling yarns of the napoleonic era.
Paperback Reprint edition (March 1994)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393311074

Gertrude Stein
Paperback - 55 pages (November 1984)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486247155

Picasso (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
Mike Venezia(Illustrator)
Paperback / Published 1994

Picasso and the Spanish Tradition
Jonathan Brown(Editor), et al
Hardcover / Published 1996

Picasso and the War Years : 1937-1945
Pablo Picasso, et al
Hardcover / Published 1998

Picasso Line Drawings and Prints
Pablo Picasso
Paperback / Published 1982

Picasso Lithographs : 61 Works
Pablo Picasso
Paperback / Published 1980

Picasso Notebook
Pablo Picasso
Paperback / Published 1993

Picasso on Art : A Selection of Views
Pablo Picasso, Dore Ashton
Paperback / Published 1988

Picasso Paintings Cards : 24 Ready-To-Mail Cards
Pablo Picasso
Listed under Postcards

The Picasso Papers
Rosalind E. Krauss
Hardcover / Published 1998
Also in Paperback

The Ultimate Picasso
by Brigitte Leal, et al
... hefty, elegant, and inclusive, The Ultimate Picasso ... offers more than 1,200 reproductions (nearly 800 in color) spanning the artist's entire career. Smoothly translated from the French, the book weaves biographical detail and discussions of the art into a concise narrative. ("Olga became pregnant in the summer of 1920, and in Picasso's work forms blossomed and flesh took on the massive quality of stone.") The three authors are all experts--Léal and Bernadac are (respectively) present and former curators of the Musée Picasso in Paris, and Piot coauthored the catalogue raisonné of Picasso's sculpture. They clearly explain visual sources, duly acknowledge leading art historians' interpretations, and choose good quotes from contemporaries. Yet the text can be surprisingly skimpy. The 16-page section on Guernica, for example, has barely two pages of discussion about the painting and its genesis. The authors keep an extremely tight focus on their subject, with only as much mention of Picasso's contemporaries or the outside world as is absolutely necessary.  --Cathy Curtis -
Hardcover: 504 pages
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810939401; (November 1, 2000)

Picasso Erotique
by Pablo Picasso, et al
The career of the greatest painter of the twentieth century was played out in the shadow of Eros -- and of Thanatos. At the age of eight, Picasso's first drawings already displayed a precocious interest in the female form, and in the days leading up to his death he was still working obsessively on sketches of the female sex.
Hardcover: 408 pages
Prestel USA; ISBN: 3791325612; (June 14, 2001)

Picasso: A Dialogue with Ceramics: Ceramics from the Marina Picasso Collection
by Pablo Picasso, et al
(Mass Market Paperback)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Life With Picasso
by Francoise Gilot, Carlton Lake (Contributor)

Pablo Picasso: The Sculptures
by Werner Spies, Pablo Picasso
Hardcover: 440 pages
Hatje Cantz Publishers; ISBN: 3775709096; (November 15, 2000)

Pablo Picasso: The Lithographs
by Pablo Picasso, et al

Picasso and Braque : Pioneering Cubism
by William Rubin
(Hardcover - October 1989)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Picasso : Creator and Destroyer
Arianna Huffington
Paperback / Published 1996
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Picasso : Inside the Image : Prints from the Ludwig Museum-Cologne
Pablo Picasso, et al
Hardcover / Published 1995

Picasso : The Early Years 1892-1906
Pablo Picasso, et al
Hardcover / Published 1997
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Pablo Picasso : The Creative Eye From 1881 to 1940
Anatoly Podoksik
Hardcover / Published 1997

A Life of Picasso : 1907-1917
John Richardson, Marilyn McCully
Hardcover / Published 1996
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Genesis of a Painting : Picassos Guernica
Rudolf Arnheim
Paperback / Published 1994
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon (Studies in Modern Art, No 3)
William Rubin, et al
Hardcover / Published 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books
A Day With Picasso : Twenty-Four Photographs by Jean Cocteau
Billy Kluver, Jean Cocteau (Photographer)
This very amusing and almost wildly ingenious little book is the true story in pictures of what happened to a group of friends in Paris during a four-hour period on Saturday, Aug. 12, 1916, when World War I was almost two years in progress.... We were not there? No, but this is the next best thing. The New York Times Book Review, Rosamond Bernier
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Designs for the Three-Cornered Hat (Le Tricorne)
Pablo Picasso, Parmenia Migel (Editor)
Paperback / Published 1978
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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