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Edgar Degas
1834 - 1917
French Impressionist





Degas in New Orleans: Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable
by Christopher E. G. Benfey
Paperback - 294 pages (April 1999) Univ California Press

by Robert Gordon, Andrew Forge (Contributor), Richard Howard (Translator)
Hardcover - 288 pages
Reprint edition (October 1996) Harry N Abrams

Degas and the Dance
by Jill De Vonyar, et al (Hardcover - October 2002) 

Edgar Degas, Photographer
by Malcolm Daniel
Hardcover: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 11.00 x 10.25 
Publisher: Yale Univ Pr; (1999)

Degas and America : The Early Collectors
by Ann Dumas, et al
(Hardcover - February 2001)

Degas at the Races
by Jean Sutherland Boggs, Shelley Sturman, Daphne S. Barbour (Contributor), Kimberley Jones (Contributor)
Hardcover - 288 pages Yale Univ Press

Degas and New Orleans: A French Impressionist in America
by Gail Feigenbaum, Jean Sutherland Boggs
Usually ships promptly.
Paperback - 192 pages (May 2000)
Rizzoli; ISBN: 0894940732

Degas and the Little Dancer : A Story About Edgar Degas
by Laurence Anholt
(Hardcover - August 1996)
Usually ships promptly.

Degas and the Little Dancer
by Richard Kendall, Douglas W. Druick (Contributor), Arthur Beale (Contributor)
Hardcover - 192 pages (March 1998) Yale Univ Press
Usually ships promptly.

Degas: An Intimate Portrait
by Ambroise Vollard
Paperback - 93 pages
(August 1986) Dover Pubns
Delivery sometimes delayed.

Landscape With Smokestacks : The Case of the Allegedly Plundered Degas
by Howard J. Trienens, Newton N. Minow
(Hardcover - October 2000)

The Private Collection of Edgar Degas
by Ann Dumas
(Hardcover - November 1997)

Degas : Beyond Impressionism
by Richard Kendall ( - 1996)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Degas Dancers (Universe of Art)
by Richard Kendall
(Hardcover - September 1996)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Degas: Beyond Impressionism
by Richard Kendall
Hardcover (September 1996) Art Institute of Chicago Museum
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Degas Portraits
by Marianne Karabelnik (Editor), Felix Baumann (Editor)
Hardcover - 372 pages (March 1995) Merrell Holerton Publishers
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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