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Books on Two Dimensional Cutout Figures for Collectors and Historians
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Union Army Paper Soldiers
by A. G. Smith (Accessory - April 1995)

Civil War Paper Soldiers in Full Color
by A. G. Smith
(Paperback - January 1986)

Confederate Army Paper Soldiers
by A. G. Smith (Accessory - March 1995)

Paper Soldiers of the American Revolution
by Marko Zlatich
(Paperback - September 1985)

Cut and Make Gi Paper Soldiers
by A. G. Smith
(Paperback - February 1999)
Medieval Knights Paper Soldiers
by A. G. Smith
from Dover Pubns
(Paperback - October 1996)
ISBN: 0486292924
Paper Soldiers of the Middle Ages the 100 Years War
by Bellerophon Books, David Nicole
from Bellerophon Books
ISBN: 088388142X

Our Fighting Men and Women Paper Soldiers
by Bellerophon Books, Harry Knill
from Bellerophon Books
ISBN: 0883881721

Paper Soldiers of Early California 1769-1846
by Bellerophon Books
from Bellerophon Books
ISBN: 0883882167
Special Order

The Crusades (Paper Soldiers of the Middle Ages Er.: Bk. 1)
by David Nicole, David Nicolle
(Paperback - October 1992)

Paper Soldiers: The Illustrated History of Printed Paper Armies from the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries
by Edward Ryan
(Hardcover - December 1995)

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